[sumo] Bad -Mercury Turning retrograde -

jdouglas at nyc.rr.com jdouglas at nyc.rr.com
Sun Jan 25 02:49:12 EST 2009

NHK is black, no sound on both of my TV;s.  These kinds of unpleasant things have happned before on Senshuraku  I called Japan TV, got a voice I was convinced she was live, but it was all her modulation on her voice recording.   I WANt tO SEE THE BOUTS _WAA WAA,'

I am no searching for the kyokai teeny screen to watch on my computer.  You know, There at the tai chi ai and a quick spin and next someone is accepting kensho.  I have to wait for the announcement of the winner because they are teenie weenie rikishi.  But my favorites I can tell even if they are in their mawashi bending over to to pick up a yen on the dohyo.  Face not necceessary.  Shape, body habitus and the occasional birthmark helps.

I'm going to reboot the DVR and see if it helps.  I'll probably miss Doreen, too.  Men all week.', although there was some recognition of Iwakiamas new baby girl.

I'll end with Gambatte,for he whose name may not be spoken,

Dammit - it;s that pesky retrograde Mercury again. It always messes with communication.

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