[sumo] Full Video set available

Barbara barbara at technogirls.org
Sun Jan 25 02:37:45 EST 2009

As usual I have the full 15 days of broadcast sumo for the
current basho available as Divx mp4 computer viewable AVI files, on four
4.7GB DVD-R disks.  Copies of the set can be requested beginning
now and through about 10 days after the last day of the basho.  For
detailed information see

I was very late getting the disks out for the previous basho.
As an apology, I sent a free disk to everyone who ordered the set.
The free disk was one with the special "Yokozuna" and "Sumo 2008 Year in 
Review". That disk is now also on the list for request. If you ordered
the set last time, be sure you don't order this new extra disk because I 
already sent it to you!

I probably will not make the TV-viewable DVDR this time.

Postage went up in January. I have not updated my software yet, so if 
you order before I do, you will get the old rate, otherwise you will get 
the new rate which should not be more than about a dollar more.

My thanks to those who inquired about the health of my son who was 
receiving intensive treatment for chemotherapy-resistant Hodgkin's 
Disease. Happily, all his diagnostic tests now show no evidence of 
disease and he now enjoys an excellent chance of being permanently cured 
of the disease.  We are grateful for the advanced medical technology 
which is responsible for the good news, technology largely only 
developed in the last few years, and supported by private and public 
funding for cancer research.  When you donate your money to medical 
research, you do save lives.  Please continue to support research.

As before, I will only continue making sets if I have at least 5
requests per basho.  Last time there were 8 requests.

Barbara Murasakihana

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