[sumo] [SPOILER] Day 15 Final Match

Jeanne Hedge jhedge at rcn.com
Sat Jan 24 11:53:20 EST 2009

(spoiler space for those who don't want to know who is scheduled for 
the final match on day 15)







This will be a nice return - the final match between two yokozuna, 
one 14-0, the other 13-1, possibly deciding things. And if it 
doesn't, then an immediate playoff between the two of them to resolve 
the issue. The only thing better would be if they were both undefeated.

And to think it almost didn't come to this - if I understand the 
reports correctly, Chiyotaikai was on the verge of beating Hakuho on 
day 14 when he slipped and fell. If he'd been able to follow through, 
the yusho would be decided already and the yokozuna's day 15 result 
wouldn't matter a whole lot.

Jeanne Hedge

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