[sumo] Spoiler -- Unsportsmanlike (dastardly) behavior

Chisaiyama hal6671 at aim.com
Sat Jan 17 18:51:24 EST 2009

2. He's a complete scoundrel who doesn't care about
anyone but himself
(also quite possible)

He has delivered career altering injuries to several
rikishi. A true
sportsman would not hurt a colleague's career in such a
way, and he has
done so several times. The injuries he's inflicted are
quite severe.


> "I am in no position to start worrying about someone
> else. I am in a pretty desperate circumstance.

Chisaiyama says:
  Actually I have to believe that these 2 sentences
pretty much indicate that it is probably choice 2.

I mean once could be an accident, twice even but this
many times means he can only put himself above any
opponent and to heck with their careers as long as his
keeps puttering along.

Hal "Chisaiyama" Shaver

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