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Jonosuke’s SumoForum Rikishi Quotes for Day 7:

Fukuoka (Makushita East Lead, 4-0) over Nakanishi,
Makushita West 7 by yorikiri
(Winning his fourth and almost certain of his Juryo
promotion next basho. Despite getting 5 win 2 loss
record at Makushita West 1 last basho, not getting
"I couldn't get it out of my mind for long and I was so
down after the basho."
(Unable to do any training prior to the basho due to his
left foot injury.)
"I just decided I'd try going with everything I had
whether I end up losing badly or not this basho."
"But now I think I can finally repay the debt. I can
report back the good news to my folks back home
(Okinoshima Island, Shimane Prefecture). I hope now
everyone in the island will try to become a rikishi."
(If Fukuoka gets promoted to Juryo next basho he would
become the first sekitori since 1958 from Okinoshima.)

Tochiozan (7-0) over Koryu by yorikiri, 2.4 seconds
(If he wins tomorrow, it will be the first time he gets
Kachikoshi on Day 8.)
"I can quickly go on to offensive and I think that is
the main factor contributing to my good start this
basho. I can promise you I will go all out tomorrow

Yamamotoyama (3-4) over Tochinoshin by yorikiri, 7.1
(Getting his third win by powerfully pushing out
Tochinoshin. Admitting he has not been able to sleep
since the start of the basho and receiving sleeping
pills from the Kokugikan's clinic. In his physically
mammoth 248 kg body lies a sensitive heart.)
"I think I was able to sleep only half an hour until
yesterday. I had the same problem when I had major
college tournaments."
(About appetite?)
"Oh that's not been affected. The other day I went out
to a convenience store and boghut bags of shrimp pilaf
and ate about 2 kg of that..."

Futeno (3-4) over Aran by hikiotoshi, 30.2 seconds
(Feeling good about the win but losing a chunk of hair
when Aran's hand got hooked into his head.)
"He started pushing me hard with his arms and his hand
got hooked in my hair. It would have been the worst if I
ended up losing the bout too..."

Goeido (6-1) over Takamisakari by uwatenage, 2.3 seconds
(Not worrying about an injury he suffered prior to the
"Right now it feels OK."
(On facing top ranked rikishi from now on.)
"I will be going all out."

Kotoshogiku (1-6) over Kisenosato by yorikiri, 26.5
(Downing his main rival Kisenosato and finally out of
being the only winless Makuuchi rikishi column and
sounding like Cream.)
"Ah...oh I'm so glad. I'm so glad. I'm glad."
(Desperately wanted to beat his rival)
"I felt I could not afford to lose to him at all, under
whatever circumstances. Then I started feeling perhaps I
could do it."
"It's been so long. You never realize it would give you
so much relief by just winning one bout."

Kisenosato (3-4) losing to Kotoshogiku
"He tightened his mawashi so much I couldn't put my
fingers in there. Usually I am trying to go after him
without getting too close too..."

Miyabiyama (2-5) over Kotomitsuki by oshidashi, 3.4
(Stopping his nine bout losing streak against
Kotomitsuki but showing a concern for him.)
"I know he was hospitalized prior to the basho and he
certainly is not looking like his old self."

Kotomitsuki (1-6) losing to Miyabiyama
(Even after suffering his sixth, maintaining he would
not go on kyujo)
"I could hit hard my opponent but I can't put the next
step out. Since I am losing a lot, I am rushing myself
and everything is all turning out badly."

Sadogatake oyakata (former Sekiwake Kotonowaka),
Kotomitsuki's shisho
(On Kotomitsuki's kyujo possibility)
"I just talked to him now and we agreed that he would be
coming back here tomorrow. Prior to the basho he
couldn't do any training session at all because of gout
attack. But in today's bout he was moving forward. It's
not that he is losing by backing down,"

Harumafuji (2-5) over Kyokutenho by shitatenage, 10.0
(Despite winning his second bout but still not totally
"I slipped a bit out there. I am not sure why I am not
moving at all. I have not displayed my power in any
bouts so far."

Isegahama oyakata (former Yokozuna Asahifuji),
Harumafuji's shisho
(On Harumafuji)
"I suspect he started feeling himself he was somehow
different now that he was promoted to a step higher.
With his physical size he can't afford to simply alter
his sumo style to one of the offensive to defensive,
taking in all comers."

Fujishima oyakata (former Ozeki Musoyama)
(On Harumafuji)
"If he cannot turn himself around and keeps displaying
pitiful sumo, he is better off going on kyujo."

Tochiazuma oyakata (former Ozeki Tochiazuma)
(On Harumafuji)
"He is feeling the atmosphere around him is different so
it will contribute to more tension. But he has enough
abilities to have gotten himself promoted to ozeki so I
believe we should not take this all too seriously."

Kaio (5-2) over Toyonoshima by kotenage, 6.5 seconds
(Unleashing his patented but brutally lethal and deadly
Kotonage and almost breaking Toyonoshima's elbow.)
"I feel good about winning but what can I say it's
leaving a rather bad after taste. Right now that's just
about the only thing left for me to do out there.
Honestly I just tried to go with whatever I had."
"I am in no position to start worrying about someone
else. I am in a pretty desperate circumstance. I know I
need to keep winning right now. I can't let things half
done. In the end it turned out that way so I do feel
badly but what can you do?"

Toyonoshima (2-5) losing to Kaio
(Hurting his left elbow, likely straining ligaments
around elbow.)
"It's really painful, I will know for sure tomorrow
morning how serious this is. But my feeling right now is
I will go on kyujo as if I aggravate it further, it will
affect severely my performance next basho."

(A physician in attendance at the Kokugikan clinic: The
pain will likely last for several weeks. He looked like
suffering seriously from the pain."

Tokitsukaze oyakata (former Maegashira Tokitsuumi),
Toyonoshima's shisho
(On Toyonoshima's elbow injury)
"He hurt the ligaments. I was told the bones are not
broken. Right now it's almost certain that he will be
going on kyujo."

(Toyonoshima has not gone kyujo since his dohyo debut at
the 2002 Hatsu Basho.)

Baruto (6-1) losing to Kotooshu by hikiotoshi, 4.2
(A strategic error or self-destruction?)
"No actually I didn't want to go for mawashi today. I
figured he wanted to go into a yotsu as well so I
decided to go with Tsupaari. But it was a grave mistake
and I slipped at the end."

Kokonoe oyakata
(On Baruto)
"Generally he still lacks sharpness from tachiai on.
Just unrefined sumo all around."

Kotooshu (6-1) over Baruto
(Coming out as the winner in the battle of giants with
smart sumo by not giving Baruto his uwate.)
"I went out determined never to get myself in a firm
yotsu with him."
(Asked if he was able to do what he was planning to do.)
"Well not exactly...Don't you think it really does not
matter how I win whether by a yotsu or oshi."
"I really don't care if my opponent is in a winning or
losing streak. I just know I can't afford to drop any
more bout before I face the yokozuna."

Sadogatake oyakata (former Sekiwake Kotonowaka),
Kotooshu's shisho
(On Kotooshu)
"He is bending his knees so well and moving forward this
basho like when he is at his best."

Musashigawa oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
(On Kotooshu-Baruto bout)
"I have no idea why Bartuo went with such a tachiai. I
was so looking forward to a solid yotsu sumo from both.
It turned out to be a pretty disappointing bout."

Chiyotaikai (6-1) over Takekaze by oshidashi, 4.2
(Preserving one loss record)
"Even when I hit him too high, I could display a sumo I
could go out and catch my opponent well by pushing."

Yoshikaze (2-5) losing to Asashoryu by tsukiotoshi, 4.2
(Almost one more step to getting a Kinboshi by pushing
Asashoryu to the dohyo edge.)
"The yokozuna is so quick with his moves when he is
forced into a tight corner. But I feel I was able to
display a good sumo today."
"I hope now fans will start recognizing my name. But I
still feel so much regret of dropping this one."
(On being stared at hard after the bout by Asashoryu.)
"He looked so scary that I avoided having eye contact."

Asashoryu (7-0) over Yoshikaze
(Winning his bout but looked unhappy with his bout
perhaps because he had so much troubles downing
Yoshikaze or Yoshikaze slapped his face and leaving the
Kokugikan speechless. He was also upset yesterday with
reporters about their reporting on his alleged comment
about killing a man who posted a death threat and told
them he would not talk to them any longer.)

Hanaregoma oyakata (former Ozeki Kaiketsu), Chief dohyo
(On Asashoryu)
"It was pretty incredible seeing him able to stay in the
dohyo even getting pushed so hard at the edge. I 
imagined he must have been in a bit of panic there but
recovered so well."

Aminishiki (3-4) losing to Hakuho by uwatenage, 2.6
"Ah...I screwed up mightily. Today it was all over the
moment I hit him at the tachiai."

Hakuho (7-0) over Aminishiki
(Still showing no sign of weakness by blowing away
Aminishiki to whom he lost the last basho.)
"As a yokozuna you cannot afford to lose two straight to
the same opponent. Actually I was a bit careful
initially knowing what he is like. He gets really pesky
once he gets into you. He is good at using his body so
well too."
"It really didn't matter I got the right or left uwate.
..the fact that I was able to get into my own form (by
grabbing the left uwate) naturally."
(Asked if he felt he did what has been expected for a
"Well I guess there is an element of that too somewhere.


Even though the Kyokai's Prevention Committee set up
after the death of Tokitsukaze Beya Jonokuchi will be
disbanding next month, it is reported that it will be
reorganized itself as "Living Guidance Department
Special Committee" with the same members, Isenoumi
oyakata, its chairman, said on January 17.

"I would consider a member change only if there is a
valid reason such as illness. As all of the members have
been resolving issues together since the inception, I
want all of us to stay together. We've still have things
we need to do," the oyakata said.

The committee was set up in September two years ago and
the members are made up of an oyakata from each Ichimon
including Matsugane oyakata (former Ozeki Wakashimazu)
and Izutsu oyakata (former Sekiwake Sakahoko) as well as
external representatives like a cartoonist Mitsuru Yaku
and former chancellor of Nihon Taiiku University Takeo


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