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Jonosuke’s SumoForum quotes for Hatsu Day 6:

Tamanoshima (5-1) over Iwakiyama by hikiotoshi, 1.2
(Preserving his one loss record, barely eking his
Makuuchi living ranked at M15 and hardly showing his
presence last year.)
"Well the year has just began. I recharge myself and I
will aim higher this year."

Tochiozan (6-0) over Tokitenku by yorikiri, 14.9 seconds
(Remaining the only Hiramaku without a loss by beating
Tokitenku with yori after throwing him with
"Actually I wanted to push him all the way out of
(On told by his shisho to go straight out from tachiai.)
"Right. I didn't really make it today but I do feel
(Now ranked at East 12. If he keeps winning he would be
ranked much higher up in the banzuke but he has been
losing badly once he was placed higher.)
"Up to now I have never got a Kachikoshi at a high
Makuuchi rank. So I want to put myself in a position to
aim for a Sanyaku as quickly as possible. I will do my
best tomorrow too."

Kotoshogiku (0-6) losing to Aminishiki by yorikiri, 5.9
(Losing six straight and still winless.)
"Somehow you get all passive, you know. I am pretty deep
in a funk right now. Somehow I gotta get out of this
quickly. But this wall looks so huge."

Aminishiki (3-3) over Kotoshogiku
(Facing Hakuho on Day 7)
"Now I got back to even, 3-3 record this basho. The
yokozuna looks pretty healthy so. And it's the
Musubi-no-Ichiban after all. I gotta do my best, right?"

Goeido (5-1) over Harumafuji by yorikiri, 3.8 seconds
"I am happy. It's the first time I was able to beat
Harumafuji-zeki with a good quality sumo."

Harumafuji (1-5) losing to Goeido
(Losing one sided to Goeido. Still unable to escape from
the long dark tunnel. Not displaying his usual sharpness
out of tachiai nor his speed.)
"Ah......ah...I just don't know what's wrong. About
everything. I keep wondering what happened to me."
(On a possibility of kyujo)
"No, none at all. At least I can promise you that."

Kaio (4-2) losing to Kisenosato by oshidashi, 2.7
(Some days he can't overcome his injuries and as a
result showing nothing good to talk about.)
"I could not do absolutely anything at all today. For
whatever reason I just keep moving backwards..."

Kisenosato (3-3) over Kaio
(By pushing out Kaio, beat three ozeki this basho.)
"Well I just happened to move forward. I lost three
straight to start the basho but I knew myself I wasn't
putting out any decent sumo at all so I wasn't concerned
about the loss that much."
(On back to Komusubi after three basho)
"Oh..that doesn't make any difference to me
"We've still have a long way to go so I just want to
keep hanging on to the top rikishi somehow. I don't feel
I am getting carried away or anything of sort so I think
I can keep doing what I am doing now."

Chiyotaikai (5-1) over Kyokutenho by yorikiri, 4.8
(Avoided losing consecutively and preserving his one
loss record.)
"It's been a long while I am in as good condition as
now. You know I have to somehow give a comfort to all
the fans who are thinking I am in imminent danger of
collapsing this year."

Kotomitsuki (1-5) losing to Baruto by uwatenage, 10.6
(Still far from 100% and losing easily to All Mighty
"I went out trying to grab his mawashi but my upper body
got too straight and too high."
"As long as I decided to participate in this basho, I am
trying not to worry about anything else. I am
approaching each bout making sure that I'd display as
good sumo as I possibly can."

Baruto (6-0) over Kotomitsuki
(No longer showing his old bad habit of pulling his
opponent in, which contributed to his left knee injury
in the past. Winning six straight from Day 1 for the
first time in his Makuuchi life. Now even beating
Kotomitsuki whom he lost all four past encounters.)
"The first six straight? Is that right? Anyway today I
got the left uwate firmly so I figured the only thing I
could do was to push forward. It was exactly the way I
wanted to do. I know he has not been doing well this
basho but myself, I am doing pretty good so far."
(Still not facing yokozuna yet but at the moment
thinking first of kachikoshi)
"Right now I am going for two more wins. The basho is
long so I am just trying to take in one bout at a time."
(Unshaven since Day 1, kept scratching his face after
the bout)
"It's really itchy but I feel great. Left or Right, if I
can get the mawashi, I don't mind either way."

Onoe oyakata (former Komusubi Hamanoshima), Baruto's
(On Baruto)
"Since he is hitting his opponent hard out of tachiai,
the rest flows so well."

Musashigawa oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
(On Baruto)
"If he gets the mawashi, even a yokozuna should not take
him lightly at all."

Hakuho (6-0) over Takekaze by hatakikomi, 4.5 seconds
(Winning six straight without hardly showing any
"What do you think what else I should be doing now? So
far I think I can mark myself 80 out of 100 but I will
try to get the mark higher from now on."

Toyonoshima (2-4) losing to Asashoryu by oshidashi, 2.6
(Overwhelmed by Asashoryu's power)
"I am very disappointed with my performance today. That
thrust to the throat really got to me."

Asashoryu (6-0) over Toyonoshima
(Showing his indefatigable intensity by thrusting his
(injured) left arm powerfully to Toyonoshima's throat
and push him out easily.)
"I was able to get out of tachiai quickly, stepping out
hard. I was able to see him well so I just kept pushing
his body up. I think it was a pretty good sumo."
(Told he lost to Toyonoshima two straight up to today.)
"Once you are up on the dohyo, you don't think about
anything like that. You should build your sumo form by
yourself. You need to go with your own pace."
(Asked if he is feeling much better mentally.)
"No, no, not yet. It's only sixth day. I don't think
about winning streak or whatever. I only have to keep
going with my own sumo. It's practically still Day 1 as
far as I am concerned."
(Told the chairman was unhappy about his remark of
killing the suspect who posted a threatening remark on
an Internet bulletin board.)
"What I said was, 'if he thinks he can kill me, try
killing me'. My original comment was all taken out of
context. I am really upset about how it was all reported
in media."

Musashigawa oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
(On Asashoryu)
"While being talked so much about his predicament, the
fact that he could still show such powerful sumo
indicates the strength of intestinal fortitude hidden in
(On asked about Asashoryu's comment about "murdering"
the man who posted a death threat to him.)
"Even if he meant it as a joke, he should have never
made such a comment. I'd have to caution him the next
time I see him."


Mae-zumo bouts were all completed for three recruits in
the news since their joining Ozumo as they all won their
third bout.

The first recruit from prestigious Waseda University in
70 years, Naoe of Oguruma Beya lost two bouts but
otherwise passed through all his bouts more or less
without any major incident. "I am feeling a relief. I
want to get my knee healed by the Haru Basho and want to
get higher in banzuke ranking as quickly as possible,"
Naoe said.

The twin brothers of Takanohana Beya, Takageppo and
Takatoshi from Ibaraki Prefecture's Toyo University
Ushiki High School Sumo Club, both lost one bout each
before they won their third.

"We are still tense," said both brothers. "Once you are
on the banzuke, this is the world you will drop down
quickly if you lose. I will do my best each and every
one of my bouts," Takatoshi said.


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