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I recall one joke doing the rounds when both men were in their prime; 
Wajima and Takanohana are stallions in a field; Takanohana says to 
Wajima, "There's some good-looking fillies over there -- what do you 
say we chase 'em down?" and the Wajima horse, sure of his charm,  
replies lazily, "No, let's just walk 'em down."



On 2009/01/17, at 13:11, Chisaiyama wrote:
> =>There's got to be more, though, judging by today's
> =>posts  I knew from reports at the time that he was a first
> class playboy in his younger pre-Yokozuna days and it
> doesn't surprise me, especially in a dual-standard
> society such as Japan that it would continue even after
> marriage.

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