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=>Reference is made to Wajima in a section of Mark
=>West's book, Law in
=>at pp. 83-86.  West writes that, after retirement,
=>Wajima posted his 'elder
=>share' annuity as collateral for a loan, which
=>violated kyokai rules.
=>Mention is also made of ties to yakuza.
=>The same story is told, more sympathetically, by
=>Michael Shapiro, in a 1988
=>Sports Illustrated story, "Down From Sumo's
=>Wajima's post-retirement pro wrestling adventure.
=>There's got to be more, though, judging by today's
=>posts  And by his old
=>nickname, Emperor of the Night.
[Chisaiyama says:] Thanks for the links and the
additional information some of it I knew a lot I didn't.
I agree from the tone of Lynn's post there must have
been a lot more.

I knew from reports at the time that he was a first
class playboy in his younger pre-Yokozuna days and it
doesn't surprise me, especially in a dual-standard
society such as Japan that it would continue even after

Hal "Chisaiyama" Shaver

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