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This is terrific reference! I will read it tomorrow A.M. and see if I can
add anything.
I was looking at all this from inside the shitakubeya and the Keikoba, and
talking to the surrounding rikishi in the coffee shops as it all went
Some of the really horrendous stuff was in the Japanese newspapers, but
not telling the whole story. IE- the previous Hanakago Oyakata's widow
committed suicide, but I do not believe the papers said it was because of
how Wajima ( then Hanakago Oyakata) totally ruined the stable that her
husband had worked his whole life to build. This is what the word was in
the sumo world. I will stop there...

 Thank you for this great reference.

Lynn Matsuoka
The Sumo artist

> Reference is made to Wajima in a section of Mark West's book, Law in
> Everyday
> Japan<http://books.google.com/books?id=eiTD7_2ELecC&pg=PA84&lpg=PA84&dq=wajima+sumo&source=bl&ots=wNmqPy42Gf&sig=vq4_y_34cfuDaz4_APKCq13ygFc&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=6&ct=result#PPA86,M1>.
> at pp. 83-86.  West writes that, after retirement, Wajima posted his
> 'elder
> share' annuity as collateral for a loan, which violated kyokai rules.
> Mention is also made of ties to yakuza.
> The same story is told, more sympathetically, by Michael Shapiro, in a
> 1988
> Sports Illustrated story, "Down From Sumo's
> Summit<http://vault.sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1127094/index.htm>,"
> describing
> Wajima's post-retirement pro wrestling adventure.
> There's got to be more, though, judging by today's posts  And by his old
> nickname, Emperor of the Night.
> On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 9:01 PM, Earle Jones
> <earle.jones at comcast.net>wrote:
>> On Jan 16, 2009, at 1:55 PM, Lynn Matsuoka wrote:
>>> As to Shikona changes, The rikishi I have known over the years have
>>> always
>>> told me that one changes the name when he ascends to the next degree,
>>> with
>>> the belief that it will support the upward move. One Sekitori friend,
>>> if I
>>> am remembering correctly( Doreen will let us know if I am mistaken)
>>> the
>>> dearly missed Iwashita zeki, changed his name to TeruNOyama ( There was
>>> a
>>> Teruyama at that time in Kasugano beya) and soon after returned to his
>>> original name, saying it did not help him at all and he felt better
>>> about
>>> his original name. Personally I agree with Doreen. Call yourself
>>> anything
>>> you want- the fire must come from within. But then, we all have our
>>> personal
>>> sources of inspiration.
>>> Re... and I hesitate to even type the name... Waj...
>>> I could write a book on THAT one alone. Like his jumping on the back of
>>> my BMW motorcycle in Osaka and demanding that I drive him to Kyoto,
>>> while
>>> his suited sponsors, standing beside their sleek black limo, stood
>>> there
>>> aghast... That is a large part of one chapter in my book ( in process).
>>> The story has more to do with the protocol than anything else. Oh- he
>>> pulled some nasty stuff on me when I was very young and had more
>>> respect
>>> for him than he deserved. Don't get me started....
>>> I have a small collection of beautiful drawings and paintings of him
>>> when
>>> he was grand champion,and I was asked  by the Sumo Association, after
>>> Waj
>>> was thrown out of sumo for good reasons, to not publicly show any
>>> artwork
>>> depicting him any more. I have obeyed that request/command till now.
>>> However, as much as I am bewildered by this turnaround, I guess I can
>>> now
>>> dust off this collection, dating back to the 70's.
>>> I am not in Japan now, ad would really appreciate it if someone could
>>> let
>>> me know how I can see/ hear this Sunday's matches, to check out this
>>> rogue
>>> announcer.
>>> By the way does everyone out there KNOW all the horrendous things he
>>> did,
>>> and caused to happen?
>>> Lynn Matsuoka
>> *
>> Lynn:  Greetings!
>> I remember Wajima very well.  But I have no recollections of his bad
>> behavior.  Is there some place where I can read about it?  (English
>> preferred.)  It must have been a better kept secret than the
>> machinations of
>> Futahaguro, who came later.
>> Thanks,
>> Yosakoiboi
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