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Reference is made to Wajima in a section of Mark West's book, Law in
Everyday Japan<http://books.google.com/books?id=eiTD7_2ELecC&pg=PA84&lpg=PA84&dq=wajima+sumo&source=bl&ots=wNmqPy42Gf&sig=vq4_y_34cfuDaz4_APKCq13ygFc&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=6&ct=result#PPA86,M1>.
at pp. 83-86.  West writes that, after retirement, Wajima posted his 'elder
share' annuity as collateral for a loan, which violated kyokai rules.
Mention is also made of ties to yakuza.

The same story is told, more sympathetically, by Michael Shapiro, in a 1988
Sports Illustrated story, "Down From Sumo's
Wajima's post-retirement pro wrestling adventure.

There's got to be more, though, judging by today's posts  And by his old
nickname, Emperor of the Night.

On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 9:01 PM, Earle Jones <earle.jones at comcast.net>wrote:

> On Jan 16, 2009, at 1:55 PM, Lynn Matsuoka wrote:
>> As to Shikona changes, The rikishi I have known over the years have always
>> told me that one changes the name when he ascends to the next degree, with
>> the belief that it will support the upward move. One Sekitori friend, if I
>> am remembering correctly( Doreen will let us know if I am mistaken)  the
>> dearly missed Iwashita zeki, changed his name to TeruNOyama ( There was a
>> Teruyama at that time in Kasugano beya) and soon after returned to his
>> original name, saying it did not help him at all and he felt better about
>> his original name. Personally I agree with Doreen. Call yourself anything
>> you want- the fire must come from within. But then, we all have our
>> personal
>> sources of inspiration.
>> Re... and I hesitate to even type the name... Waj...
>> I could write a book on THAT one alone. Like his jumping on the back of
>> my BMW motorcycle in Osaka and demanding that I drive him to Kyoto, while
>> his suited sponsors, standing beside their sleek black limo, stood there
>> aghast... That is a large part of one chapter in my book ( in process).
>> The story has more to do with the protocol than anything else. Oh- he
>> pulled some nasty stuff on me when I was very young and had more respect
>> for him than he deserved. Don't get me started....
>> I have a small collection of beautiful drawings and paintings of him when
>> he was grand champion,and I was asked  by the Sumo Association, after Waj
>> was thrown out of sumo for good reasons, to not publicly show any artwork
>> depicting him any more. I have obeyed that request/command till now.
>> However, as much as I am bewildered by this turnaround, I guess I can now
>> dust off this collection, dating back to the 70's.
>> I am not in Japan now, ad would really appreciate it if someone could let
>> me know how I can see/ hear this Sunday's matches, to check out this rogue
>> announcer.
>> By the way does everyone out there KNOW all the horrendous things he did,
>> and caused to happen?
>> Lynn Matsuoka
> *
> Lynn:  Greetings!
> I remember Wajima very well.  But I have no recollections of his bad
> behavior.  Is there some place where I can read about it?  (English
> preferred.)  It must have been a better kept secret than the machinations of
> Futahaguro, who came later.
> Thanks,
> Yosakoiboi
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