Chisaiyama hal6671 at aim.com
Fri Jan 16 17:12:11 EST 2009

Lynn wrote:

   By the way does everyone out there KNOW all the
horrendous things he did,

and caused to happen?



I for one don't, I have heard bits and pieces regarding
mis-treatment of rikishi in his heya etc. but don't know
and truly would like to know the whole sad story.  When
I first got addicted to sumo in the early 70's he and
Takanohana I were just rocketing up the ranks together
and we all just figured they would soon be the next
Yokozunas.  Apparently the late Takanohana's size was
just a bit too much to overcome the hurdle to make


I was completely enamored of Wajima's ability and
hinkaku at the time and was left aghast when I later
heard he had been kicked out of the JSA and the few
reasons I have been able to glean.  Totally burst my
bubble.  I hope that the reason he is now being allowed
to participate is that he has hopefully done some kind
of good deeds to make up for his past transgressions.


If you feel the whole story is too much for the list or
if you know of links where I could find them out feel
free to send them to me directly.


Hal "Chisaiyama" Shaver




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