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Sumo Forum/SFM's Jonosuke report of Day 7 Rikishi


Tochiozan (5-0) over Tosanoumi by hatakikomi, 3.0
(Still remaining as the only Hiramaku with five straight
"I don't particularly think about it one way or another.
But I do feel I am moving rather well myself."

Goeido (4-1) over Miyabiyama by yorikiri, 3.4 seconds
(Now with four win and 1 loss)
"I feel I keep moving forward naturally. I think things
are going all OK right now. I will do my very best from
now on."

Toyonoshima (2-3) losing to Baruto by yorikiri, 23.8
(Decisively grabbed by superior power)
"I tried my best to endure the first Tsuri but the
second time around, I felt my lower body floated and I
started feeling there was no point. It was something
like making you convince resistance was totally futile.
He has such a power that you feel you have never
experienced before. Personally I think they should ban
him from using such force."

Baruto (5-0) over Toyonoshima
(Another calm and convincing win)
"Well I went after him deliberately. I am sure he is
thinking of ways to beat me but somehow I can beat him.
But then I always have a feeling I don't want to lose.
Somehow I am hanging in so far" 
"I am so confident that once I grab the mawashi, I won't
get beaten by anyone. But please don't write I am some
kind of monster. I am a human being too."
"You know I have a feeling I will be facing a yokozuna
soon If I can maintain my self-confidence, then you'll
never know."

Onoe oyakata (fromer Komusubi Hamanoshima), Baruto's
(On Baruto)
"Even when he is grabbing an uwate over his opponent's
shoulder, as long as he doesn't get shaken around then
he should have no trouble."

Kaio (4-1) over Kyokutenho by yorikiri, 17.5 seconds
(Displaying Kaio-like sumo and winning but showing a
grimace massaging his injured left arm after the bout.)
"After a bout my arm really hurts as the muscles get
"I have really nothing left at all after each bout. I
feel I am getting exhausted. So what I can do from now
on is ultimately what matters the most."
(Despite his exhaustion, saying his appetite has
"You know you really have to eat meat. Unless you eat a
lot of them, you can't generate enough power. You exert
yourself so much every single day."

Tomozuna oyakata, Kaio's shisho
(On Kaio deciding to come back this basho.)
"It's something he wanted to do it himself. He was so
determined that he himself was wholly responsible of his
own destiny. All I hope for him is he can go out
satisfied with his preparation, be satisfied with his
sumo and leaving the basho totally satisfied with the

Aminishiki (2-3) over Kotooshu by okuridashi, 6.1
(Now having 11 win 6 loss record against Kotooshu)
"You think it's easy beating him? You gotta be kidding
if you think I can take care of him that easily. Just
think how big he is."

Kotooshu (4-1) losing to Aminishiki
(Appearing to show no fighting spirit as easily pushed
out by Aminishiki who has now won 9 out of the last 10
"I will try to forget about this one and I will do my
best from tomorrow."

Musashigawa oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
(Showing a displeasure almost anger at Kotooshu of his
continuing futile attempts against Aminishiki.)
"An ozeki should not be losing to the same opponent time
and time again. I must say this is very very serious.
What I'd like to ask is if Kotooshu is doing any kind of
training sessions at all with Aminishiki?"

Kisenosato (2-3) over Chiyotaikai by yorikiri, 4.5
(Asked if he was able to do what he wanted)
"I guess so. I just want to keep hitting hard every
single day from tomorrow on too."

Chiyotaikai (4-1) losing to Kisenosato
(Suffering his first loss this basho)
"You know you feel more regret when you are in a good
winning streak. If I had lost the first day for
instance, I may have not felt this bad."

Kotomitsuki (1-4) losing to Wakanosato by hatakikomi,
6.2 seconds
(Still suffering from lack of training due to gout
attack prior to the basho and recording his fourth loss
in the first five days for the first time since 2004
Haru Basho when he was still a sekiwake.)
"I had such good tachiai too. I totally wasted it. I
needed to take him all out right away. It's so
frustrating. All I can say is to try to get good sumo in
for the rest of basho."

Sadogatake oyakata (former Sekiwake Kotonowaka),
Kotomitsuki's shisho
(On a possibility of Kotomitsuki going on kyujo)
"Right now I am not really thinking about it. I just
have to get him to do his best at this point."

Kotoshogiku (0-5) losing to Harumafuji by yorikiri, 5.9
(Losing the battle of four bout losing streak rikishi)
"I heard so much cheers for the other guy. I am in the
same boat too but no one is showing any sympathy for me.
I just only hope I won't fall into a deeper rut."

Harumafuji (1-4) over Kotoshogiku
(All smiles after his win, receiving tremendous cheers
from the spectators)
"I just tried to go with nothing but my own sumo. I
wanted to respond to everyone who was cheering for me. I
was so grateful for their support."
(Finally hearing his new shikona announced as the
"Well, finally. To be honest I am really relieved. It
did take quite a bit of time, didn't it? Last night I
actually wanted to run away to somewhere far far away."
(Admitting he had a temperature of 38 C this morning and
came to the Kokugikan after receiving an IV. Realizing
he could not take nothing for granted.)
"Sumo is so hard, you know, when I stray off even a tiny
bit...I am still smaller than other guys so I need to
focus constantly on offense rather trying to take my
opponent in. I hope I can now return to my old self and
get back on the wave from tomorrow by doing my best."

Musashigawa oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
(On Harumafuji today)
"When you receive such cheers and support from fans, you
have to be motivated enough to respond in kind."

Isegahama oyakata (former Yokozuna Asahifuji),
Harumafuji's shisho
(He himself suffering from a flu and on kyujo but still
showing a concern for his dear recruit)
"After Day 3 and 4 he was really getting down on himself
saying he could not win at all..."

Yoshikaze (1-4) losing to Hakuho by uwatenage, 10.6
(Getting on his first Musubi-no-Ichiban bout)
"The tension I felt was like nothing I have ever
experienced before. I don't know what it is but Musubi
has an appeal all of its own. It was like I was

Hakuho (5-0) over Yoshikaze
"I had a good flow from tachiai on and I was able to get
my right in. I feel I was able to go with my own sumo
all the way."
(Being told not only he was winning but also by
displaying far more impressive sumo form than usual.)
"Well isn't it kind of offensive question? Anyway thank
you very much. But it is just the way it should be,
isn't it? I myself feel I am showing all my good
strength right now."
(Told January 15 70 years ago today was the date his
hero, Futabayama's 69 winning streak was stopped by
"I am watching him on DVD and everything about him is
amazing. To get closer to the level, I need to further
cultivate my inner side." 

Asashoryu (5-0) over Takekaze by uwatenage, 24.5 seconds
(Overcoming the first important obstacle by winning all
his five bouts from Day 1)
(Kept his upper body lower not to give any advantage to
short Takekaze)
"I did not want to force myself needlessly. I was
thinking I needed to get his upper body raised first. I
can always initiate my move once I feel all safe."
(On his first five straight win from Day 1 since the
Haru Basho last year when he won the yusho.)
"I am not thinking anything like that at all right now."
(On hearing after the bout, they have arrested a person
who made a threatening remark on a Bulletin Board site."
"What did the actual post say? 'Kill me'? OK, I say I
want to go over and kill him myself."
(Then hearing the suspect turned himself to the police)
"Well in that case, tell everyone that I said the kid
could not have been all that bad. Yeah write them he was
a good boy (with an ironic smile)" 
(Asked if he was no longer anxious)
"You, are you seriously stupid or something? Tell me
what I am scared of."

Musashigawa oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
(On Asashoryu)
"I think he went out watching his opponent carefully
today. I think he is handling himself pretty good so
(On Asashoryu receiving a death threat)
"Definitely we need to strengthen our security measure.
Seriously if you are the target, you can't be in a
positive frame of mind at all."

Takasago oyakata (former Ozeki Asashio), Asashoryu's
(On told the man who posted a death threat to Asashoryu
was arrested.)
"Other than acknowledging the man was arrested, I have
no comment to make."

(Japan's National Police Agency's Honjo Division
arrested 29 year old Chiharu Takahashi, unemployed man
from Hokuto City Hokkaido on January 15 for posting a
death threat to an Internet bulletin board site, "2

"I didn't like Asashoryu's attitude as yokozuna. I was
hoping he would get scared by reading the post. I had no
serious intent, more or less intended as a mischief,"
said Takahashi.

He used his home computer to post a threatening remark,
"I am going to the Kokugikan right now to kill
Asashoryu" on the bulletin board on January 11 It was
immediately reported to the police by other

Takahashi realized that it became such a big news that
he took himself to the central Hakodate police division
in Hokkaido on January 14.)




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