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Thu Jan 15 19:04:36 EST 2009

There is an arrest in the Asashoryuu death threat case.
Article from Japan Times (translated from Kyodo News)

Man held over Asashoryu threat
Kyodo News

A Hokkaido man has been arrested for allegedly threatening to kill 
Mongolian-born sumo yokozuna Asashoryu, Tokyo police said Thursday.

Chiharu Takahashi, 29, is suspected of using a personal computer at his 
home in Hokuto to post a message on an Internet bulletin board around 
Sunday saying, "I will go to Kokugikan (sumo arena) now to kill (the 
grand champion)."

Investigators received a tip Sunday evening from a person who found the 
threatening message on the bulletin board. Police had tightened security 
around Asashoryu's Takasago stable.

The suspect was quoted as telling investigators that he had been 
disgusted with Asashoryu's behavior as a yokozuna and posted the message 
for fun.

Takahashi also told police that he had expected the posting to frighten 
the grand champion and cause him to lose his sumo bouts.

He gave himself up to the Hakodate Central Police Station on Wednesday 
after being surprised to learn that his posting had made headlines.

Asashoryu had posted a 4-0 win-loss record as of Wednesday in the 
ongoing New Year Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo 
after missing the Kyushu tournament in November.

Article online at http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20090116b2.html

Barbara Murasakihana

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