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Presenting Jonosuke’s report from Sumo Forum of Day 3
Rikishi Quotes:

Yamamotoyama (1-2) over Tamanoshima by tsukiotoshi, 6.9
(Suffering his second loss after pushing Tamanoshima to
the dohyo edge)
"Well to the point where I pushed him to the edge was
just like what I imagined myself I should be doing. I
was trying not to let him stop."
(Falling on his knee)
"Oh, it's OK. Don't worry. Nothing injured there."

Tochinonada (3-0) over Tosanoumi by uwatenage, 7.9
(Winning his third straight to mark his 1100th career
"I have tried to cut down on training levels so I won't
get as exhausted."

Chiyohakuho (2-1) over Kakuryu by oshidashi, 24.1
(Losing his balance several times but held on each time
receiving loud cheers from the crowd.)
"I was just desperate. But the fans really love and
enjoy watching sumo bouts like these."
(Assuming a new role as Tsuyuharai in Asashoryu's
dohyo-iri ceremony.)
"I want to climb up higher in the banzuke so I can carry
on with the job with more pride."

Takamisakari (1-2) over Kokkai by hikiotoshi, 4.7
(His first win of the year)
"Ah...I am so relieved. Now I won't have all-loss basho.
But I still have to work so much harder in the next 12

Baruto (3-0) over Kisenosato by shitatenage, 14.3
(Getting his third straight win after the gyoji's
decision was reversed after mono-ii.)
"I was so sure I lost it. Actually I attempted to lift
him up in the middle and I started to ask myself what I
was trying to do here. I wasn't sure of myself any more.
"But when you end up winning a bout like this, it will
do a wonder for you psychologically."

Kisenosato (0-3) losing to Baruto
"I figured I lost it. I thought at best they might give
me a rematch."

Chiyotaikai (3-0) over Aminishinki by oshidashi, 6.2
(Not swayed by one of Aminishiki's patented henka moves)
"I was able to remain calm. I had a feeling he might
come up with it."
(Showing a concern for Harumafuji)
"Obviously a new ozeki will shoulder quite a bit of more
pressure but it looks like he has been trying so hard to
display a clean sumo style and as a result he is
forgetting the intensity he had all along. He just needs
to remember there is no point in keep struggling day
after day but instead change his perspective and start

Aminishiki (1-2) losing to Chiyotaikai
(Showing concerns over Harumafuji's start)
"It's like he can't generate enough power. He looks so
vulnerable out there all alone, I just can't stand
watching him struggle like this"

Kotomitsuki (1-2) over Goeido by yorikiri, 18.0 seconds
(Winning his first this basho)
"It's so hard to start a basho with a losing streak. I
feel relieved."

Toyonoshima (1-2) over Harumafuji by yoritaoshi, 4.5
(Overwhelming Harumafuji whom he had 2 win and 14 losses
record up to today.)
"He has been one opponent I never wanted to get beaten.
Now he is an ozeki, I approached the bout as if I was
'borrowing his chest'."

Harumafuji (0-3) losing to Toyonoshima
(The first rikishi to lose three straight from Day 1 in
his ozeki debut basho since Chiyotaikai at the 1999 Haru
"It was a total loss. But it's still OK. I can only
display my own sumo so I have nothing to waver on. I
don't feel pressures. We still have 12 more days."

Musashigawa oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
(On Harumafuji)
"When you get yourself feeling you need to win so badly,
you end up not being able to move at all."

Kotoshogiku (0-3) losing to Kaio by yorikiri, 4.9
(On Kaio)
"He was heavy. Incredibly heavy."

Kaio (3-0) over Kotoshogiku
(Soundly beating Kotoshogiku with well executed sumo.
For the first time since 2007 Natsu Basho, winning three
straight from Day 1)
"I was able to go forward with a flow."
(Even though the conditions of his injured left arm and
right calf are not perfect, deciding not to have tapings
as they will restrict his movement)
"I know I am not even close to my best condition but I
need to maintain a physique good enough for the
"We all just started. You never know when you get
injured again..."

Musashigawa oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
(On Kaio)
"He has solid experience. He possesses the skills only a
veteran rikishi can bring. I was really concerned about
him initially but I can see he is doing much better now.
In a way the best medicine for him is a win."

Kotooshu (3-0) over Yoshikaze by yorikiri, 11.0 seconds
"I have been doing good training sessions. I can see my
opponents well."
"Fortunately I don't have any unnecessary external
pressures placed on me. All people talk about are the
new ozeki and returning yokozuna."

Asashoryu (3-0) over Kyokutenho by sukuinage, 13.4
"I got my right in so that was that. I stepped in hard
and I put my arm in well."
(Not wanting to talk about anything else but when asked
about his three bout winning streak."
"It's like always."

Takatoshi Hinahata, former special class Tokoyama and
the man Asashoryu considered to be his father in Japan
(Realizing his dream of watching Ozumo from Masu seat
while drinking sake finally after doing Oicho for
Asashoryu until his retirement)
"The yokozuna told me he would be waiting for me in the
yusho parade car."

Miyabiyama (1-2) losing to Hakuho by yorikiri, 2.8
(Talking to Kaio in the bath after Day 2)
"He was telling me he has done quite a bit bodybuilding
workouts to get himself prepared for this basho. I
realized once again there was definitely something
different about this man who has overcome so many
(On facing Asashoryu tomorrow)
"First I hit him so hard he would start rushing himself.
It's hoped that the bout would develop while I myself
remain perfectly calm."

(Showing no problem at all handling heavy Miyabiyama)
"I was able to put my left in pretty good and got into a
Moro-zashi. I also had a good tachiai. Again I was
moving forward so I believe I am doing OK."

Tochinonada - 1100th Career appearance

The first recruit to join from Waseda University in 70
years Naoe of Oguruma Beya lost his first Mae-zumo bout
to former Kinki University Sumo Club standout Sugiyama
of Isegahama Beya on January 13. "My opponent (Sugiyama)
was pretty strong and I got too tense. I felt certain
aura around the dohyo in the Kokugikan," Naoe said.

"I will refresh myself mentally and come back stronger
tomorrow," Naoe added. Naoe has been already training
hard at his Heya. "There are so many things to learn at
the Heya. I want to master one thing at a time and keep
aiming for a higher rank. My sumo is to move left and
right after hitting my opponent hard out of tachiai. I'd
like to display good sumo from now on".

Sugiyama's mate from Kinki University Sumo Club, Aoki,
also won his first Mae-zumo bout.

Meanwhile twin recruits from Takanohana Beya Ogasawara
brothers both won their Mae Zumo bout. "It wasn't as
good sumo as I hoped for," said Masatada, older brother
while Masaoki said, "I got bit tense. The shishio
(Takanohana oyakata) told me to warm up thoroughly prior
to my bout."


Japan's national police agency has dispatched security
personnel to the Ryogoku Kokugikan and Takasago Beya
after a post was made to the largest bulletin board
system in Japan, "2 Channel" threatening to kill
Asashoryu at the Kokugikan.

At the time of the posting, it was shortly before 6 PM
on Day 1 and Asashoryu has already left the Kokugikan
and as a result the police placed more security around
Takasago Beya. Asashoryu was told of the threat but only
said, "It's really scary.".

Asashoryu has a hidden sensitive side often overlooked
by many. Shortly after his promotion to yokozuna,
Asashoryu received a threat at the 2003 Nagoya Basho and
shortly thereafter Asashoryu went on kyujo.

The police agency is conducting thorough investigation
of the post to identify the culprit while strengthening
the security setup at the venue.

Tomozuna oyakata, the Kyokai's chief of security
"We will not be planning to place any extra measure at
the Kokugikan at the moment. We will have our normal
security program in place. The yokozuna arrives and
leaves using the underground garage so we should not
experience any problem. I have not heard from Takasago
oyakata yet related to this case."


The Kyokai announced former sekiwake Kotonishiki has
changed his Toshiyori Myoseki from Asakayama to Araiso
on January 13. Araiso is owned by Kisenosato at the
moment while Asakayama owned by Kaio will become vacant.


Hal “Chisaiyama” Shaver

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