[sumo]Shikona Changes

Chisaiyama hal6671 at aim.com
Tue Jan 13 15:48:37 EST 2009

Actually there is precedent, in general, for rikishi
changing names and then changing them back again to the


I have seen in on many occasions in the lower rankings,
even as high as juryo.  I'm not sure if there is any
occurrence of an Ozeki changing their name and then
changing it back to an earlier one.


In Harumafuji's case the name change was pre-destined by
the changing of his stable masters name earlier.
Isegahama was formerly Ajigawa oyakata and the A of Ama,
Aminishiki, Asofuji et. Al. came from the A in Ajigawa.
When he became Isegahama he immediately changed all the
Makushita and lower ranked rikishi names to eliminate
the A from the front of their Shikonas.  For his
Sekitori rikishi he said there would be no change unless
there was a promotion/demotion.  Apparently he meant
significant promotion/demotion as both Ama and
Aminishiki have been promoted and demoted from their
ranks at the time of the Ajigawa/Isegahama name change
but not until the Ozeki promotion was a name change


If Harumafuji were to be allowed to change his name I
don't believe Isegahama would allow it to be change back
to Ama, I believe it would have to be to something more


Hal "Chisaiyama" Shaver




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