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Jonosuke-san's Report from the Sumo Forum:


Yamamotoyama (0-1) losing to Homasho by uwate-dashinage,
3.3 seconds
(Jumped out late at tachiai and suffering his first loss
as Makuuchi as his 248 kg mightily tumbled and splashed
down all over the dohyo)
"From the dohyo-iri on, the cheers felt like rumbles
coming from the ground. The dohyo looked so bright, my
mind went totally blank."

Toyohibiki (1-0) over Koryu by oshidashi, 3.7 seconds
(The first basho out of kyujo after suffering from
detached retina and getting his first win by going
straight with his head first)
"It was a bit scary going with my head but I was
determined that there was no other way but that."

Yoshikaze (1-0) over Harumafuji by okuridashi, 2.1
(Feeling great after beating the brand new ozeki)
"I was able to go without having any pressure as all the
expectations were on the ozeki. I was so focused on
myself until I jumped out of tachiai."
"Really I can't think of any better way to start a

Harumafuji (0-1) losing to Yoshikaze
(Jumping out little too hard and easily fell into
Yoshikaze's henka, speeding out of the dohyo in a flash)
"I knew there was a possibility of his henka but I
wanted so badly to go after him and grab him."
"I lost today but I feel I am moving well so I just need
to refresh myself and come back strong to display a good
sumo tomorrow."

Aminishiki (1-0) over Kotomitsuki by yorikiri, 3.9
(Beating Kotomitsuki)
"I had no doubt at all of what I wanted to do at the
tachai. I immediately went after his front mawashi. I
was able to keep moving forward without getting my head

Kotomitsuki (0-1) losing to Aminishiki
(Suffering a gout attack prior to the basho)
"I couldn't do any training at all. I have no idea what
my condition is like either."

Kaio (1-0) over Miyabiyama by okuridashi, 4.4 seconds
(Staring with a win in his 12th Kadoban basho by
skillfully grabbing Miyabiyama's left arm and getting
him backwards)
"I was only thinking about hitting him straight on. The
rest was just all instinct."
(On injuries to his right calf and left upper arm)
"I do have some concerns but I thought I had very little
problems today. But even with the bout like today, it
puts more strains to the body. I know I really don't
have any reserve left at all." 

Chiyotaikai (1-0) oiver Kotoshogiku by hatakikomi, 4.2
(On Harumafuji)
"You know that first day after getting promoted is
really hard. I myself (at the 1999 Haru Basho) lost that
one too."
(On Asashoryu)
"Regardless of what you say about him, but you must
admit he can show you a bout you can really savor."

Kisenosato (0-1) losing to Asashoryu by yorikiri, 10.4
(Despite having the right uwate, losing at the end)
"I can't make any excuse when I lost it with all I had.
Just as I was beginning to see a way to win, I ended up
rushing myself too much."

Asashoryu (1-0) over Kisenosato
(While it was not an easy win, feeling good about
beating his nemesis Kisenosato)
"It's only the fist day. We have a long way to go. But
there were so much cheers for me today. I am happy I was
able to get the win."
(Pestered with more questions from reporters)
"Listen, I said it's still the first day. How many times
you want me to tell you that."

Musashigawa oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
(Asked about Asashoryu's extra shoves to Kisenosato
after the bout was over)
"Well it means he brought in that much intensity to his
bout. He fulfilled all our expectations and more. To
tell you the truth, I felt a chill for a moment when he
got pushed all the way to the edge. But now I suspect
this win will get him over the hump."

Katsuji Ebisawa, chairman of the Yokozuna Deliberation
(On Asashoryu)
"He showed great intensity today. He no longer has the
sharpness he possessed in the past but we can only keep
watching over him. Now he broke through one hurdle but
the question is if he can sustain and keep up the
tension he had today through all 15 days. You can see he
was really psyched up today." 

Yoshio Ishibashi, Yokozuna Deliberation Committee member
"Ozumo desperately needs two outstanding yokozuna. We
will be in dire consequence if Asashoryu decides to
retire now." 

Hidetoshi Nakata, former soccer player and member of
Team Japan and Asashoryu's invited guest
"The atmosphere prior to the bout was simply amazing as
it started to build up such excitement. I realized again
here was the man who has been so looked forward to with
such passion by the fans. Not only he is so strong but
also possesses such a strong appeal. Even as his
personal friend, I can tell you he is one incredible

Satoshi Ishii, Judo 100 kig and over Gold medalist at
Beijin Olympics and turned pro to joining UFC,
Asashoryu's invited guest today
"Such intensity. I was so happy when he won I literally
jumped up. He can really motivate you and this will get
me work that much harder to become a good Martial Arts
athlete. I have no doubt he will win the yusho this

Toyonoshima (0-1) losing to Hakuho by tsukidashi, 4.2
(On Hakuho)
"You realize once again he is strong. From the star to
the end, it was the yokozuna who was on offensive."

Hakuho (1-0) over Toyonoshima
(Not bothering to go after the mawashi and no problem
against pesky Toyonoshima)
"I think I was able to go with good push. "
(On seeing Asashoryu winning just prior to his bout)
"Well you know when he is competing just in front of
you, definitely he will motivate you more. You really
can't afford to lose after seeing him."

Wakanosato - 800th Makuuchi appearance.

Admission: 11,000 (sell out)

Since Musashigawa oyakata assumed the chairman of the
Kyokai and his efforts to clean up tachiai
irregularities, it was the first time there was not even
one Matta in Juryo and Makuuchi bouts.

"It feels so good, Not only I hope they continue to show
good tachiai form throughout the basho but we should
realize this must be the only way to go, I believe this
is the result of holding the clinic prior to the basho,"
Musashigawa oyakata said.

"I believe every rikishi was consciously trying their
best to execute a good tachiai today. We had excellent
sumo. We had good tachiai. It's been a good day all
around," Hanaregoyama oyakata, director of the Judges

The Kyokai released the names of 13 new recruits who
will be starting Mae-zumo on Day 3, January 13 along
with two foreign born recruits who passed their physical
at the Kyushu Basho last year. There are two notable
college rikishi from Kinki University Makoto Aoki and
Daisuke Sugiayama as well as a rarity from Waseda
University Naoe who became the first rikishi to join
Ozumo in the 70 years from the university. Ogasawara
twins who joined Takanohana Beya are also considered to
have good potentials as they contributed their Toyo
University Gijyu HIgh Sumo Club's group yusho at the
last summer's Inter-High School Sumo Tournament.




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