[sumo] Asashoryu at Dewanoumi again

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Wed Jan 7 07:18:19 EST 2009

Sorry for the delay in replying, Jeanne. I had to do a day's work and 
this message was on my home computer. Fortunately I decided I was too 
tired to do a couple of hours'  Irish session at a well-known pub in 
Roppongi, so here I am.

Good question, hard answer.  Will the real Asashoryu stand up?

On Sunday I saw him completely in control, though I was aware that he 
was going for the quick kill, rather than a lengthy grapple -- but hey, 
the man's a genius, right? Why waste time on a lengthy grapple when you 
can nail your man in five seconds? When he retaped the elbow and 
(rather to my surprise) came back for what proved to be the other half, 
he  spent more time with two men, Tochiozan and Tochinoshin.  The 
first, recovering from an injury, the second, not doing nearly as well 
as we'd expected in the top division. In both cases, we might say he 
was giving men with problems an extra share of his time and talent. 
OTOH, we could also say he was choosing relatively easy opponents. Take 
your pick.

But it was a very good session that left a positive resonance. (So, by 
all accounts, had been his appearance in a BIG rengo-geiko at 
Musashigawa the day before. Monday unexpectedly skipped rengo-geiko at 
Kasugano with exactly the same guys, then returned to Dewanoumi the 
next day for a less successful session -- with the same guys. Today (if 
my watch is telling the truth) he didn't put up a good show against the 
lack-lustre yokozuna Hakuho (now what's happening there, for goodness 

The short answer, the best I can manage, is that the erratic genius is 
up to his usual tricks. (As an erratic genius myself -- in other, less 
noticeable fields -- I can empathize with this to a certain extent.)

Keeping my fingers crossed that he makes it into the Hatsubasho AND 
stays the course. Trouble is, I like both the Mongolian yokozuna, 
different as they are, and they both treat me as a friend.

Doreen, also keeping fingers crossed for another friend, Kaio..... 
please, bug guy, make it a clean break....

On 2009/01/07, at 9:54, Jeanne Hedge wrote:

> Doreen,
> I'm having trouble separating fact from fiction (or perhaps 
> enthusiastic fan-ish thinking) in the various reports of how the 
> yokozuna are doing in the training. You've seen Asa, have you seen 
> Hakuho, or heard reliable reports? How do they really look?
> Regards,
> Jeanne Hedge
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