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Doreen Simmons jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp
Sun Jan 4 08:42:52 EST 2009

This morning (Sunday 4th), at Dewanoumi-beya, there was a rather more 
limited rengo-geiko (mainly Dewanoumi and Kasugano sekitori). I arrived 
with my two pre-booked guests to find a regular Forum member (unknown 
to me at that time) already installed with her own guests, some judo 

Going with the flow, as I always do these days (unless I am escorting a 
visiting journalist) I had merely asked if keiko would be happening 
here;  I was told "Yes, tomorrow's the day."

So at eight prompt I arrived with my young guests, was put into three 
front seats and settled back for my first sumo viewing of the New Year. 
Was writing simple explanations of what was happing, when at  9:07 the 
door opened and Asashoryu walked in, business-like as usual. At the 
side he went through basic moves and then strapped up, first the left 
elbow, then the left wrist. Finally when we thought he was ready he 
stepped into the ring and had ten bouts against all comers, all of 
which he won -- in  very good form. He stepped out of the ring and 
started restrapping the elbow stuff and we thought he had stopped for 
the day -- but no, he returned to the ring and took on Tochiozan -- the 
first three or four he lost, but in the excitement I lost count of - 
finally he started winning again but clearly he was back in the game. 
His final few bouts were with Georgian Tochinoshin -- here again he was 
the one who was doing a favor, and even as he went out the door, before 
the whole keiko session was ended, he had a few extra words with 

This wasn't at all like the crowded Musashigawa-beya session; the 
opened the side room to unimportant visitors midway, but later were 
turning away  wouldbe walkins after nine-thirty. Once the message had 
got around to the press that the yokuzuna was at Dewanoumi and looking 
good, the photographers arrived came flocking in and were accommodated 
at the rear of the agari-zashiki.

Doreen rather tired after a day that started at six and ended  with a 
play rehearsal) at nearly nine. (But it was a _very_ good day)

On 2009/01/04, at 16:20, MBtatton at aol.com wrote:

> He recently (Friday or Saturday) took part in degeiko at Musashigawa 
> with the
> Dewanoumi Ichimon (something like 19 or 20 rikishi took part).
> Saturday morning it was. A LOT of folk there.
> Hak has time yet. Think he'll be going out Monday and again Weds after 
> Meiji
> Jingu.
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