[sumo] [games] Juryo Game is back!

"Jürgen Buder" j.buder at gmx.net
Fri Jan 2 10:10:55 EST 2009

Dear gamers,

I am very happy to announce that sumogames automation wizard Kofuji has worked his miracles yet again - the Juryo Game is back! After Hoshifransu's intai as game administrator and a two-basho hiatus Kofuji completely revamped the database behind Juryo Game, thereby making it much easier to administrate. 

The basics of the game are the same as before:
1) Pick eight Juryo rikishi that might have the best record.
2) Pick one Juryo rikishi who might get the Juryo yusho.
3) Pick one (out of eight) lower Makuuchi rikishi who might have the worst record.
4) Pick one (out of eight) former Juryo rikishi in Makushita who might have the best record.
5) Pick one (out of eight) Juryo hopefuls in Makushita who might have the best record.

Each win in categories 1), 4), and 5) will get you 1 point.
Each win in category 2) will give you 2 points. 
Each loss in category 3) will give you 1 point.

The Juryo Game is also part of the Superbanzuke, so please join again (if you are a returning customer), or try out this great game!
The deadline is shonichi 2 PM JST.

The link to the game is

Kind regards,
Randomitsuki (banzuke-maker)

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