[sumo] [games] - pre-natsu torchearer 2009 update

kj bauman shimodahito at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 27 10:55:51 EDT 2009

good day all,
  with the release of the new banzuke, here's a quick rundown of how the torch has been progressing.

HATSU BANZUKE: The TORCH starts at the bottom of the banzuke with Jonokuchi 29 east & Higashi
HATSU DAY 01: The TORCH is passed to Jk28w Shijima (wildcard picks up 2 points)
HATSU DAY 05: Jk28w Shijima defeats Jk27e Ryushonami
HATSU DAY 08: The TORCH is passed to Jk25w Isamizuki
HATSU DAY 10: Jk25w Isamizuki defeats Jk22w Onoyama
HATSU DAY 12: Jk25w Isamizuki defeats JK13w Kakumaru
HATSU DAY 13: Jk25w Isamizuki defeats Jd117w Kitakenmu
HARU BANZUKE: Jonidan 56 west & Isamizuki
HARU DAY 01: Jd56w Isamizuki defeats Jd56e Seifu
HARU DAY 04: The TORCH is passed to Jd55w Chiyonokuni
HARU DAY 05: Jd55w Chiyonokuni defeats Jd53w Hokuto
HARU DAY 07: Jd55w Chiyonokuni defeats Jd52w Aiyama
HARU DAY 09: Jd55w Chiyonokuni defeats Jd58w Kei
HARU DAY 11: Jd55w Chiyonokuni defeats Jd68w Tochihibiki
HARU DAY 13: Jd55w Chiyonokuni defeats Jd22w Yamaryu
HARU KETTEI-SAN MATCH: Jd55w Chiyonokuni defeats Jd85w Onoyama
NATSU BANZUKE: Sandanme 55 east & Chiyonokuni

current rank with the TORCH: Sandanme 55 East
current rikishi with the TORCH: Chiyonokuni

of our participants, wildcard still leads with 2 points.

best of luck to all.


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