[sumo] (really early spoiler??) Chiyotaikai Kyujo

Jim Bitgood Jimbit2 at comcast.net
Mon Apr 13 17:50:34 EDT 2009

In an article on the Yomiuri Shimbun Japanese-language website dated 
April 10, there is a story that Chiyotaikai as a (1 or more, Japanese 
is a little unclear with numbers) broken left rib. Apparently, he got 
hurt on Day 2 in his match with Kyokutenhou in Osaka. The last 
sentence seems to say that Chiyo took off from the Yasukuni Shrine 
sumo. It also says the recovery should be about 2 weeks. Seems to me 
that it's been nearly two weeks now since the Haru Basho ended.
I remember when my father got a cracked rib while working at a 
sawmill. I think it took more than a couple weeks for him to recover 
from that. Of course he was older then than Chiyo is now. Should we 
look for kyujo or intai before Day 1 of Natsu?


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