[sumo] Ise Jingu question

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Thu Apr 9 22:38:30 EDT 2009

Thank you for this. 

Doeen, at a desk and wishing she were at Yasukuni -- perfect day for outdoor sumo.

>There is no charge. The grounds are open and there are just security people 
> to keep you at a moderate distance when the Yokozuna do their dohyo-iri. 
>Some  wonderful photos can be gotten as they come over the bridge with the 
>rest of the  sekitori and while the dohyo-iri are performed. You are free to 
>walk anywhere,  except within the shrine itself's grounds when the photos are 
>taken of the  Yokozuna and the shinto priests, after the yokozuna change 
>into their formal  dress.
>Of course, I believe there is a charge to watch the actual sumo during the  
>Jingu jungyo:-) , but since I was with a friend who took care of the  
>arrangements, I really don't know about that.
>I hope that was useful and answered what you were asking.

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