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Hello all,

I try some answers, although my sumo knowledge is far away from most of the
list members.

> Post-basho thoughts and provocations (for discussion),  Here's some things
> to argue, gently, about:
> Lots of stuff to watch for in May:
> 1.  Will Asa come back - strong??  Or will we see him slowly give up his
> dominance of the sport? And perhaps retire???  I'm betting the latter by
> the
> end of this year or first quarter of next.  He's the kind of guy when he's
> no longer king of the sandbox, picks up his toys and goes home.  And when
> he
> does retire I'm betting it's not gonna be pretty.

I think Asa's glory is gone now definitely. I don't see another comeback. He
still can beat most of the sanyaku ranked guys but at the end of the year
more and more will start to beat him. I don't think he will get another
yusho if Hakuho stays healthy.

> 2.  Will Kisenosato redeem himself and move back up to sekiwake?  Or is he
> due for a slide, at least for a while?

I would like Kisenosato to show his talent more often. It must be a mentally
problem. But I believe he will make it to sekiwake again and then I start
hoping for ozeki.

> 3.  Will Goeido - along with Kise - the two hopes for the future -
> move/stay
> into sanyaku this next tournament or will they hold Goeido back and see if
> he stays strong then move him in July.

Goeido is my hope for ozeki and a possible yokozuna candidate. I like the

> 4.  WHAT WILL KAIOU DO?  Even the vernacular press is starting to ask if it
> isn't time to go.  Not just the foreigner fans.  I think/agree he wants to
> hang in and retire in/after Fukuoka in November.  But the pressure may get
> to be too much.  Certainly the body is visibly failing.

Kaio, still there, ever there. I too think he will hold out until Fukuoka
and it may be Fukuoka 2010, 2011

> 5.  Same applies to Chiyo.  Can he come back?  There's got to be some soul
> searching going on at the heya these days about his future.  Remember his
> Shisyo (master) is Chiyonofuji (Kokonoe) who brooks no silliness or
> slacking.  Hmmmmmm?  BUT, he's the highest ranking Kokonoe beya rikishi and
> Kokonoe may want to keep him going for a while yet.

I believe we see a strong basho from Chiyotaikai next time. He was in a
yusho race not far ago. He will come back for sure!

> 6.  Is this the beginning of the Hakuho era - much asTaiho, Chiyonofuji and
> Takanohana started???  Has he got it all together and now just gets
> smoother
> and better?  Gonna be a lot of fun this year and LOTS of changes coming, I
> think.

He gets smoother and better but I don't think it will last as long as Taiho
and the others.

> 7.  Then there's Baruto.  He looks increasingly like a strong candidate for
> Ozeki maybe late this year.  His sumo is getting better and he's already
> strong as an ox.  He just has to figure out how to deal with guys who are a
> lot shorter than he is.  Get lower at the tachiai and plow forward seems to
> be the answer.  We'll see.

No ozeki for Baruto, if you ask me. He may be strong as an ox but he is not
as smart as it needs to becomes ozeki.

> 8.  And LAST - really - of all:  Who is gonna be the next Yokozuna
> candidate?  That's always fun to watch for.  There'll be some false starts,
> of course, but somebody will finally surface above the crowd and start a
> run
> for it.  Maybe not this year but the beginnings should start to turn up.
> No, I don't think it'll be Harumafuji.  Slick and fast, technically very
> good, but he loses his concentration at the darndest times and, then, loses
> the match(es).  It's gotta be somebody with focus and technical skill.  I'm
> watching Goeido.  He looks like he's got the 'right stuff' but we'll see.
> Kisenosato, although strong and improving technically, doesn't seem to have
> the tight focus required.  He'll be an ozeki soon, but probably not
> yokozuna
> quality.

I see Goeido, it will last a while but I believe he can make it. Or, if Asa
retires i see a chance for Kotooshu.

Only my humble opinion ;-)

> There now, Let's have a civilized discussion about these and any other
> topics to fill in the slack, non-basho time.
> Very Best to All,
> Tamagoyama
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