[sumo] What's Next?

Joe Klemmer klemmerj at webtrek.com
Sun Apr 5 22:57:17 EDT 2009

Doreen Simmons wrote:

> Thanks to everybody for this interesting burst of Q&A -- I'm debating 
> whether to steal it all for my overdue column -- just got back from the 
> tech rehearsal for Richard III which doesn't leave me a lot of time and 
> energy for sumo. (No, just kidding on the 'steal' part'!)

	FWLIW, you can steal anything of mine except my identity.  Mostly 
because it probably would be a major step down the social and 
evolutionary ladder.  Plus you'd go from being an employed and honored 
person to a broken down, homeless cripple with more debt than income.

K-jo the whiner

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