[sumo] What's Next?

Joe Klemmer klemmerj at webtrek.com
Sun Apr 5 22:52:47 EDT 2009

Christopher Long wrote:

>>> 1.  Will Asa come back - strong??
>> I think Asa will come back strong.  Before this year started, I was
>> predicting that he would retire early on, but after the January basho,
>> I have completely changed my mind.  Apart from Hakuho, there is
>> currently no barrier to him winning yusho-after-yusho.  I don't think
>> he'll give in so easily to his fellow Mongolian.  I think (hope?) they
>> should have a good, healthy rivalry for another two years, at least
> I agree, he's still pulling in double digit wins every basho. If he 
> can avoid any new controversy in the next couple of months then all 
> will be fine.

	This brings up a thought.  Are Asa's troubles physical or mental?  I 
don't know but I'd love to.

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