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Sun Apr 5 22:38:59 EDT 2009

Jack Gartin wrote:

> Greetings Loyal People of the SML,
> Post-basho thoughts and provocations (for discussion),  Here's some things
> to argue, gently, about:

	Here's my completely unsupported and meritless opinions on these.

> Lots of stuff to watch for in May:
> 1.  Will Asa come back - strong??  Or will we see him slowly give up his
> dominance of the sport? And perhaps retire???  I'm betting the latter by the
> end of this year or first quarter of next.  He's the kind of guy when he's
> no longer king of the sandbox, picks up his toys and goes home.  And when he
> does retire I'm betting it's not gonna be pretty.

	If he can get his body back into pre-psychotic breakdown shape I can 
see him raising back to the top.  I don't think we'll ever see another 
90-0 year (ok, it wasn't actually that but it sure did feel like it).

> 2.  Will Kisenosato redeem himself and move back up to sekiwake?  Or is he
> due for a slide, at least for a while?

	If I keep choosing him in Bench Sumo he's going to plummet.

> 3.  Will Goeido - along with Kise - the two hopes for the future - move/stay
> into sanyaku this next tournament or will they hold Goeido back and see if
> he stays strong then move him in July.

	I'd love to see Guido cranking up the ranks but I think he's going to 
need a little more seasoning.  Paprika, maybe.  Or cumin.

> 4.  WHAT WILL KAIOU DO?  Even the vernacular press is starting to ask if it
> isn't time to go.  Not just the foreigner fans.  I think/agree he wants to
> hang in and retire in/after Fukuoka in November.  But the pressure may get
> to be too much.  Certainly the body is visibly failing.

	I'm not sayn' nutin' 'bout Kaio.  Every time I thought he was ready for 
the scrap heap he busts out a great Basho.  It would be great to see him 
go out with a Yusho but at this point almost all of Sanyaku through M3 
would have to be out.

> 5.  Same applies to Chiyo.  Can he come back?  There's got to be some soul
> searching going on at the heya these days about his future.  Remember his
> Shisyo (master) is Chiyonofuji (Kokonoe) who brooks no silliness or
> slacking.  Hmmmmmm?  BUT, he's the highest ranking Kokonoe beya rikishi and
> Kokonoe may want to keep him going for a while yet.

	Taikai could probably milk a few more years out of Sumo.

> 6.  Is this the beginning of the Hakuho era - much as Taiho, Chiyonofuji and
> Takanohana started???  Has he got it all together and now just gets smoother
> and better?  Gonna be a lot of fun this year and LOTS of changes coming, I
> think.

	I'd love to see an Asa-Hakuho era.  Having two monster Yokozuna would 
be fun and it might get more butts in the seats, too.

> 7.  Then there's Baruto.  He looks increasingly like a strong candidate for
> Ozeki maybe late this year.  His sumo is getting better and he's already
> strong as an ox.  He just has to figure out how to deal with guys who are a
> lot shorter than he is.  Get lower at the tachiai and plow forward seems to
> be the answer.  We'll see.

	Godzilla... I mean Baruto is a favorite of mine.  Primarily because 
he's built like I was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY back in the day.  Big ol' 
white boy with a belly.  But his Sumo is good and if he can get an edge 
on his weaknesses I'm thinking Ozeki, too.

> 8.  And LAST - really - of all:  Who is gonna be the next Yokozuna
> candidate?  That's always fun to watch for.  There'll be some false starts,
> of course, but somebody will finally surface above the crowd and start a run
> for it.  Maybe not this year but the beginnings should start to turn up.
> No, I don't think it'll be Harumafuji.  Slick and fast, technically very
> good, but he loses his concentration at the darnedest times and, then, loses
> the match(es).  It's gotta be somebody with focus and technical skill.  I'm
> watching Goeido.  He looks like he's got the 'right stuff' but we'll see.
> Kisenosato, although strong and improving technically, doesn't seem to have
> the tight focus required.  He'll be an ozeki soon, but probably not yokozuna
> quality.

	Here is where I have no clue.  Well, I have no clue about the previous 
seven questions but here I can't even pretend I have an idea.

> There now, Let's have a civilized discussion about these and any other
> topics to fill in the slack, non-basho time.

	Heh, that would be a nice change of pace.

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