[sumo] How to bring sumo back to European TVs? ctd

Manekineko Hikari manekineko at mailshack.com
Mon Oct 27 08:00:13 EDT 2008

I finally looked up possible contacts for Eurosport and NHK (I think 
there's no point in writing to the Kyokai, if nothing else, they are too 
busy with court cases). Alas, I didn't find much.

Pick your nation, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Remarks 
and Suggestions. For UK/International Eurosport, you get this:
Notice that this is Yahoo!Sports feedback page, so YahooID is required. 
This, of course, sucks. Most other language pages are also 
Yahoo-Eurosport combo... Sigh. Does anyone know some simpler way of 
contacting Eurosport?

(This is what you get when you click ENGLISH link on the main NHK page: 
Only link I found is Contact Us, which leads you to another form:
Yes, this NHK World feedback form... Again, if someone has a better way 
to contact NHK, please let us know!

	Jelena "Manekineko" Macan

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