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Neil Dry yubinhaad at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 24 09:56:05 EDT 2008

OK, since the between-basho lull is almost over, here's the answer.
What do Tochinonada, Tosanoumi, Dejima and Aminishiki (and, before
he retired, Tamakasuga too) have in common?
They have all won kinboshi against four different Yokozuna, the
only currently active rikishi to do so (I hope!):
Tochinonada: Akebono, Wakanohana III, Musashimaru, Asashoryu
Tosanoumi: Takanohana, Akebono, Wakanohana III, Musashimaru
Dejima: Takanohana, Akebono, Wakanohana III, Asashoryu
Aminishiki: Takanohana, Musashimaru, Asashoryu, Hakuho
(Tamakasuga: Takanohana, Akebono, Wakanohana III, Musashimaru.)
Neil.> From: yubinhaad at hotmail.com> To: sumo at webtrek.com> Subject: RE: [sumo] Trivia question> Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 13:21:21 +0000> > > Thanks for the answers so far!> > What those four rikishi get up to in their private lives is none of my> business, but if they do all wear diapers then Kintaro is the winner. :)> > But Chisaiyama and Oshirokita were the only ones to be along the> right lines...> > Here's a clue:> > Aminishiki was the last to join the group, and the recently-retired> Tamakasuga would have been listed were he still active.> > Regards,> Neil.> > From: yubinhaad at hotmail.com> To: sumo at webtrek.com> Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 13:25:10 +0000> Subject: [sumo] Trivia question> > > Hello all.> > Since we're between tournaments, here's a trivia question to keep you occupied for> a few minutes:> > Tochinonada, Tosanoumi, Dejima and Aminishiki have something in common. What?> > Feel free to post this on the Forum too if you wish (I'm not yet a member there).> > Happy thinking,> Neil.> _________________________________________________________________> Win an Xbox 360 or £200 Top Shop Vouchers > http://clk.atdmt.com/GBL/go/115454062/direct/01/_______________________________________________> Sumo mailing list> Sumo at webtrek.com> http://www.webtrek.com/mailman/listinfo/sumo
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