[sumo] How to bring sumo back to European TV?

Manekineko Hikari manekineko at mailshack.com
Wed Oct 15 06:19:44 EDT 2008

Well, now I'm back in Europe, prospect of no sumo on TV is glum indeed. 
Something should be done, or at least tried... If I remember correctly, 
last time Eurosport dropped sumo a mailing action was initiated on this 
list, and quite a lot of mails was sent asking them to reconsider. I 
think we should try that, at least. I thought to support the plea with 
argument that we are deprived of watching sumo exactly at the time when 
many young European wrestlers are establishing themselves in makuuchi... 
Wakanoho incident somewhat hobbled that, but at least Baruto and 
Tochinoshin still fit that phrase. Not to forget that we Europeans were 
deprived of seeing Osh's first (and possibly only) yusho!

The problem is, who to write to? Eurosport? Kyokai? NHK? All of them? 
Opinions and suggestions, please. Once we decide where to write, I can 
post a rough sketch of the letter for those who are not sure how to 
write it, but of course it's the best if everyone would write from their 
heart. If we write to Eurosport, I think letters in German, French, 
Spanish, maybe Italian should be no problem (I'm not sure about 
languages from "new Europe" and Russian).

I've mentioned this idea on the Forum as well. Please spread it on other 
Forums/lists/sumo-dedicated web-pages as you see fit. The more of us 
send letters, the greater chance there is someone will listen...

	Jelena "Manekineko" Macan

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