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He retired after January tournament.

After the case, he was absent all the time.
Thus it seems that his retirement is 
connected with a case.

I don't know there is any more rikishi accused.


Kobayashi Toshiharu

> Jeffrey Anderson wrote:

>Thank you very much! My adopted rikishi from Tokitsukaze-beya quit at the >same time as these three, so I was wondering if he were one of three. He >is Tokinoumi. Do you know what happened to him? Weren't there others who >were accused of hazing?
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> Hello, Jef
> These are the names.
> Doto  Izuka Yuichiro(25)
> Akiyutaka  Kimura Masakazu(25)
> Tokiomaru  Fujii Masanori(23)
> Jeffrey Anderson wrote:
> >Does anyone know the shikona of the three who have pled guilty to the
> >beating death at Tokitsukaze-beya? The articles use their real names
> and >not their wrestling names.
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> >Best regards,
> >Jeffrey Anderson
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