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Doreen Simmons jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp
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Yes indeed, it is the donor or donor group that chooses the weaver and 
puts in the order. Then the bolt of cloth comes to Tokyo and the 
costume is made up to the individual gyoji's measurements. (There is 
one place that specialises in this. I went once to check it out, but 
it's just a big factory, not a shop.) Normally the heya koenkai gives 
an outfit to a gyoji affiliated with the heya to celebrate a promotion 
(the pattern is commonly a large version of the master's crest), and 
when a gyoji reaches juryo-kaku, he is allowed to gather his own 
supporters (just like a juryo sekitori) who will club together and buy 
him an outfit.

I haven't checked for years, but this is what I was told long ago: When 
a man is promoted to ozeki, he is expected to give a costume to all the 
gyoji in the ichimon group of stables to which his own stable belongs, 
, and if  he makes yokozuna, he repeats this and is also expected to 
give outfits to the two chief gyoji.

Sometimes senior gyoji seem to order their own favourite pattern and 
give bolts of cloth to favoured juniors. There's one pattern of 
vertical stripes in pale yellow and pink that I've seen on at least 
three men of very different ages.

Some of the tall gyoji of today certainly need an extra metre or so of 
brocade than the little fellows of the past!


On 2008/10/04, at 20:48, Nashinokawa wrote:

> I may be wrong  but I think it is the case that most Gyoji receive 
> their outfits as gifts.  All Gyoji are associated with stables, just 
> like the rikishi are, and on a major promotion he might to expect to 
> receive an outfit from his stable supporters club for example.  Thus 
> as far as ordering etc go, I expect that that might be down to the 
> giving group, although clearly somewhere along the way some one might 
> have to measure him up...?

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