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Nobody puts asashoryu in the corner
Asashoryu goes to court to deny bout-fixing

October 3, 2008 - 6:39PM  
Sumo's top wrestler Asashoryu made an unprecedented court  appearance to deny 
a magazine allegations that he fixed bouts, one of a string  of scandals 
hanging over the ancient sport.
It marked the first-ever testimony in court by a yokozuna, a grand champion  
at the top of the sumo echelon who is expected to be a taciturn role model. 
Asashoryu, a Mongolian, has long had a testy relationship with the Japanese  
media and athletic establishment, who consider him too brash. 
The Shukan Gendai, a weekly magazine that features sensational scoops,  
reported in January last year that Asashoryu had paid opponents about Y800,000  
($10,000) per fight to allow him to win. 
"These are complete lies," Asashoryu said. "Each match is real." 
"I am very sad and disgusted," a visibly agitated Asashoryu said as he glared 
 at the journalist who wrote the article, according to a correspondent for 
the  TBS network who was inside the courtroom. 
Asashoryu, the fifth highest ranking wrestler in modern sumo history, is  
joined by 31 other wrestlers and the Japan Sumo Association in seeking a  
reported Y660 million ($8.12 million) yen from leading publisher Kodansha Ltd.,  
which prints the magazine. 
Hundreds of people waited from the early morning for the chance to get one of 
 the 62 seats for the hearing at the Tokyo District Court. 
The magazine's case was supported in court by Itai, a former sumo wrestler  
who caused a sensation in 2000 when he alleged widespread bout-fixing during 
his  1978-1991 career. 
Itai, who has said he wants to root out corruption to save the sport, told  
the court today that up to 80 per cent of bouts were fixed. 
"When I was around, a yokozuna and a (second-ranked) ozeki would buy a win  
for about 700,000 to 800,000 yen from other wrestlers," Itai told the 
courtroom,  according to Jiji Press. 
Sumo has been rocked by scandals in recent years including the death of a  
young trainee who was beaten by his master and the expulsion of three Russian  
wrestlers for smoking marijuana. 
Soslan Gagloev, one of the expelled Russians, caused a stir on Monday by  
saying he would also testify on behalf of the magazine and "tell all" about  
bout-fixing, drug use and other "evil things" in sumo. 
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