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Thu Oct 2 08:12:36 EDT 2008

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> No surprises. They were simply next in line. The early announcement is
> to allow them to order silk brocade costumes from Kyoto, especially in
> the case of K. Seiji, the man going up from Makushita-kaku to
> Juryo-kaku. He will need at least two to start with, as up to now he
> has been wearing cotton outfits tied below the knees, calves bare, and
> barefoot. From now he will be in full-length silk and in tabi, the
> white split-toed cotton socks.

Do all of the gyoji order their costumes from the same place? I mean, is
there one particular place that has been supplying gyoji costumes since
the dawn of time, or does each gyoji simply go with the best offer from
a place in Kyoto?

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