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Hal is absolutely right. The change was made in September 2002, which I 
remember well because I was on on Day 14 -- and we were waiting forever 
the announce the next day's pairings! Since then the judges have made 
every effort to get interesting bouts on the last day, especially 
matching two  7-7 men. And it sometimes happens, when they have enough 
leeway, to avoid pairing men of the same rank on the last day if their 
scores are not equal.

The custom of bringing up a lower-ranked man with a very good score in 
the second week goes back much further, to when Wakanami, at that time 
a maegashira, won the yusho at Osaka in 1968 having never met anybody 
in the higher ranks. I was on my first visit and watching on TV, and 
nobody made any fuss when Wakananmi won early on -- everybody expected 
the Ozeki Kirinji (later Daikirin, and until recently Oshiogawa 
oyakata) to win easily -- but he lost, and it  dawned on everybody that 
the tournament had been decided about an hour earlier.

It was the rikishi themselves who urged the Kyokai to start bring up 
such a man to meet the upper ranks n the second week. My informant was 

Doreen unwinding

On 2008/10/01, at 10:15, Harold Shaver wrote:

> -->One radical solution might be for the Ozeki to face each other
> -->earlier in the tournament, and for them to face lower ranked
> -->rikishi with competitive records during the latter days, more than
> -->is currently done.  Even more radical would be for the final day's
> -->matches to be announced after the day 14 results are known, so that
> -->there are more rikishi with 7-7 records facing each other, including
> -->Ozeki.
> -->
> -->I don't know that even I would appreciate that major a deviation
> -->from tradition, but it's a thought.
> -->
> -->Sukubidubidu
> Acturally I think they may have made a part of that change already.  I
> recall several years ago that the Senshuraku Torikumi wasn't announced 
> until
> after day 14 was complete but in those days you almost never had 2 
> rikishi
> with 7-7 records facing each other.

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