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Mon Nov 3 18:51:01 EST 2008

I'm sure Mark can defend himself, but....

2008/11/4 Scott M. Kahn <smk1 at columbia.edu>:
> With due respect to Mark, he ignores that Asashoryu single handedly
> carried the torch as the lone Yokozuna

not entirely true.  Mark writes,

"Asashoryu himself must be wondering when the slide began. Just three
years ago, in 2005, he won an amazing 84 of 90 bouts he fought. In
doing so he claimed all six Emperor's Cups — a first in sumo history."

which although does not exactly spell out what you say, does at least
give some indication.

> and from all reports he
> actually went beyond the call of duty at exhibitions and jungyo
> interacting with spectators and sponsors.

Interacting with spectators and sponsors at exhibitions and jungyos
(what is the difference between these two?) is what is expected of
rikishi - especially Yokozunas, I would guess.

> After reigniting
> interest in sumo after the Taka-Waka era,


> during which the Kyokai
> sold its soul,


> it is not too much to ask the Kyokai to give
> Asashoryu a breather to heal,

Nor is it too much to ask Asashoryu to retrun to Japan a week earlier
(I am sure he can get treatment there too) to help with the promotion
of the upcoming basho - after all he is still being paid by the
kyokai.  He could still pull out at a later date, but may have helped
some extra tickets to have got sold.

> much as other Yokozuna were allowed
> to do.

I think Asashoryu has been allowed a lot more leeway in many respects
than many previous Yokozunas.

> But then, the Kyokai is a role model for hypocracy.


> Sukubidubidu


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