[sumo] [spoiler] Dejima vs. Homasho

Scott M. Kahn smk1 at columbia.edu
Sat May 17 14:33:44 EDT 2008

The French video site is excellent and you can get a clearer view of
the match from the day 7 clips.


The ending to the Dejima Homasho match was a bit strange.  It
appeared as though Dejima had a full head of steam moving parallel
to the edge of the dohyo.  He was in the process of forcing Homasho
out of the ring.  Homasho did a wonderful balancing act at the edge
to stay in the ring.  Dejima may not have seen this because his
forward momentum took him quickly past Homasho.  Dejima appeared to
let up at this point anticipating his victory, and seemed to
carelessly and deliberately step out of the ring with one foot to
stop his momentum.  When the gyoji declared Homasho the victor,
Dejima appeared stunned and then utterly disgusted with himself. 
His look of disbelief continued into the customary bow at the end
of the match.

The quality of the online live feed was quite poor for yesterday's
matches, and my connection timed out just after the Ama-Kaio match.

I am looking forward to the Kisenosato-Hakuho match on day 8.  This
may have yusho consequences.


Quoting John James <jjandbarb at hotmail.com>:

> I was watching the matches on the NSK's feed and it looked to me
> like Dejima just ran right past Homasho and out of the ring.  Was
> that just me or did he miss Homasho while trying to push him out?
>  It looked to me like Homasho was just standing there after
> Dejima passed him and was wondering where he was going.  I don't
> know about anyone else but when I make the NSK feel full screen,
> the whole thing gets very blurred.
> Being fairly new here, I am wondering if it is usually this quiet
> during the basho?  Seems odd to me.
> Barb

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