[sumo] Hanamichi Report

Jeffrey Anderson jeffand at regent.edu
Sat Jul 26 11:33:19 EDT 2008

Ross Mihara: Here's Riyo Ohta with a hanamichi report. This one's with Gaijingai.

Riyo: Er - Ross, the interview room is empty. What's going on?

Ross: Oh, that's right. This is day 14. Gaijingai won't be here on Day 15. He'll be at the airport before the basho ends.

Riyo: What is he planning on doing?

Ross: He and Gaijingal are having dinner with me next Saturday night.

Doreen Simmons: And they're having lunch with me in less than 72 hours.

Ross:  Doreen, you know Gaijingai and Gaijingal???

Doreen: For the past few years. Why, the three of us have had lunch together, visited a heya together, why they've even been to my flat with me.

Ross: Gosh - they really get around.

Doreen: And Ross - when you eat with Gaijingai, he pays.

Gaijingai: Hey, I heard that!

Ross: Tell me, Doreen...you, Gaijingai, and Gaijingal are churchgoers, so desuka?

Doreen: Yes, we are.

Ross: Has Gaijingai ever visited your church?

Doreen: Well...we hesitate to discuss that unfortunate incident.

Ross: Uh-oh. What happened?

Doreen: The day Gaijingai visited, our rector used a visual demonstration to enhance his sermon.

Ross: Go on.

Doreen: He brought out three jars. The first was filled with cigarette smoke, the second with alcohol, and the third with good rich dirt. Into each jar the rector place an earthworm. Then he proceeded to preach his sermon. At the end of the sermon, he examined each jar. In the jar with the cigarette smoke, the earthworm was dead. In the jar with alcohol, the earthworm was dead. In the jar with the good rich dirt, the earthworm was thriving. So," asked my rector, "what can we learn from this demonstration?"  Gaijingai jumped up and boomed out, "Pastor, it shows me that if I smoke and drink, I won't have worms!"

Ross: Anooooo....back to you, Riyo! Wait a minute!!!!

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