[sumo] SekiToto log in problem

Asashosakari at gmx.net Asashosakari at gmx.net
Fri Jul 25 11:37:11 EDT 2008

Since there seems to be continuing confusion despite Fukurou and Kofuji's best efforts (thank you) and my mentioning the correct way to email picks in my basho invitation a couple of weeks ago:

Please ***DO*** send Seki-Toto picks to sekitoto (at) gmx (dot) net if you're unable to submit them yourself, and they'll be entered as soon as I'm capable of doing it. As Kofuji said, I'm just as much at the mercy of the database as everyone else, so don't expect overly timely service.

In case you normally receive confirmation mails upon submitting your picks, you should be receiving one as well when I do it for you, but not as a direct response to your email. (Sorry, I'm not going to send manual acknowledgements. Please assume that if you emailed it to me at the aforementioned address, I received it.) 

If you want to know whether a day's results are (hopefully) complete, please check the SF thread at http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=15444 - if there were picks to be entered manually, I'll be posting a status update when I'm done and the results have been re-scored.

On the other hand, please DO NOT send picks:

- to stk (at) anasuya (dot) com, or any other of Zenjimoto's anasuya addresses; he hasn't been involved with running the game for two years now
- to sekitoto (at) sumogames (dot) com - as the confirmation mails helpfully point out, emails to that address are NOT actually read by anybody
- via Sumoforum PM to Zenjimoto or to me
- to any other email address that you might be thinking belongs to me (correctly or not).

Your cooperation is eternally appreciated.


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