[sumo] SekiToto log in problem

Bob Reimer kofuji at sumogames.com
Thu Jul 24 21:46:45 EDT 2008

The administrator of sekitoto etc. isn't necessarily able to enter emailed
entries any easier than you :(  He uses the same interface, just one that
allows him to enter another person's entry for a prior day.  When he is able
to enter emailed entries, he has the ability to rescore the day, so it is
possible that if an emailed entry is in fact a winner, some other poor soul
who got a win for that day will get a loss and the emailed entry will get a
win.  Please be patient.

We are expecting to get an upgrade in RAM for the server after the basho is
completed, so hopefully that will resolve the issues we have been
experiencing with ST.  It is the most complicated game on the server so it
unfortunately ends up with most of the problems.

Warm regards,

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> In summary, you email your daily pick to  sekitoto (at) gmx (dot) net 
> (make the appropriate changes in that address).  Put your shikona and the 
> day in the subject line.  The Juryo and Makuuchi schedules for the day can

> be found any number of places. I like the NSK's English-language site for 
> this: http://sumo.goo.ne.jp/eng/index.html

That doesnt work too. My wife (troetibono) sent the picks to sekitoto (at) 
gmx (dot) net
 - but they were not accepted and she got a loss. Sekitori-Toto was once one

of my favorite games, but now i am considering to retire because of the 
various outages. (I am trying about 20 times a day to log in ...)


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