[sumo] RE: [non-sumo] Rikishi Talk Basho 4 Day 10

Lon Howard itsulon at wavecable.com
Thu Jul 24 00:45:02 EDT 2008

On Jul 23, 2008, at 5:19 PM, John James wrote:

> Can someone explain the difference between the two positions to me  
> please.  And do it like you were explaining it to a child (which I  
> am not) or a stupid person (which has been thought of me).  I don't  
> see a big difference if there is a non-sumo person as a director  
> (with vote) or an auditor (without a vote).  It would be just one  
> vote and the other directors could vote against the outsider  
> couldn't they? - jj> ====================> > Kenshiro Matsunami,  
> Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education and Science>  
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> ------------> (On hearing the Kyokai directors rejecting his call  
> of installing an > external director but instead opted for an  
> auditor without having any > voting privileges.)> "I have not  
> received any official report from the Sumo Kyokai yet so I > am  
> making this comment based on what I heard from news reports but >  
> unless they set up an external member with full voting rights, the  
> > public would never accept it. I regard this as a clear challenge  
> to > Ministry of Education and Science. I can tell you right now we  
> are fully > prepared to accept their challenge."> > "Japan Soccer  
> Association has recently adopted the resolution to > introduce  
> external directors within their board. The Kyokai should be > fully  
> aware they have a good precedence around them too. I have to state  
> > they are not taking this matter seriously at all."

In my simple mind, viewing from afar, it's not all that complicated.   
As a matter of course, all major changes made by NSK happen  
slooowwwly.  I think this one will be especially so since it will be  
the first time that anyone who doesn't own a myoseki will be able to  
directly affect policy - the first chink in the armour, so to speak.  
It may also affect the monetary value of their kabu (just guessing  
here).  The way they look at it, it'll start with just one vote and  
end up being 50-50.  And even if it is just one vote...the symbolism  
of shrinking authority is very important as well.  They'll keep  
assessing which way the wind is blowing right up to the last.  But I  
think it'll eventually happen.

- Shomishuu 

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