[sumo] RE: [non-sumo] Rikishi Talk Basho 4 Day 10

John James jjandbarb at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 23 20:19:19 EDT 2008

Can someone explain the difference between the two positions to me please.  And do it like you were explaining it to a child (which I am not) or a stupid person (which has been thought of me).  I don't see a big difference if there is a non-sumo person as a director (with vote) or an auditor (without a vote).  It would be just one vote and the other directors could vote against the outsider couldn't they? - jj> ====================> > Kenshiro Matsunami, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education and Science> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------> (On hearing the Kyokai directors rejecting his call of installing an > external director but instead opted for an auditor without having any > voting privileges.)> "I have not received any official report from the Sumo Kyokai yet so I > am making this comment based on what I heard from news reports but > unless they set up an external member with full voting rights, the > public would never accept it. I regard this as a clear challenge to > Ministry of Education and Science. I can tell you right now we are fully > prepared to accept their challenge."> > "Japan Soccer Association has recently adopted the resolution to > introduce external directors within their board. The Kyokai should be > fully aware they have a good precedence around them too. I have to state > they are not taking this matter seriously at all." 
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