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Rikishi Talk Nagoya Day 10 (Jonosuke)

Tosanoumi (5-5) losing to Kyokutenho by yorikiri, 6.0 seconds
(Tying the ninth most Makuuchi appearance record in sumo history)
"Well tomorrow I should be aiming for the ninth most all by myself then. 
You know those who have been doing it long have been saving a lot of 
money. Unfortunately I am not one of them."

Tamakasuga (1-9) over Koryu by hatakikomi, 31.4 seconds
(Showing all the skills and techniques he accumulated over the years and 
beat Koryu to notch his first win this basho, seeing so many reporters 
surrounding him)
"Wow...this is like when I won a Sansho."
"Up to the fifth loss I was feeling this may be the end. But since then 
I figured if that's the case then I might as well go all out and kept 
going hard."
(On still being active in Makuuchi at 36 years old)
"You never know when this all ends. That's the reason I need to take 
care of and be appreciative of each and every single day."

Toyohibiki (7-3) over Tochiozan by yorikiri, 12.9 seconds
(Winning his sixth, by yotsu-zumo)
"I just so happened to grab the mawashi somehow so I guess I had no 
choice. I guess when you are doing well, you can win in any way."

Hokutoriki (0-10) losing to Baruto by hatakikomi, 2.1 seconds
(The losing streak continues and now stands at 10)
"I figured you just can't come up with something like ten bout 
consecutive losses that easily that many times in your career so I 
decided I just forget all about it and just try working as hard as I can."

Kisenosato (3-7) losing to Wakanoho by yorikiri, 18.7 seconds
(Losing himself, losing his seventh bout and losing his sumo)
"Physically I cannot make any excuse. I worry so much that I can no 
longer think straight. I can't figure about anything anymore."

Asasekiryu (6-4) over Tokitenku by uwate-dashinage, 0.7 seconds
(Notching his sixth straight after starting with six consecutive losses)
"Once you win the first one, your mindset changes. I just hope to go on 
like this for the rest of this basho."

Ama (7-3) losing to Kotomitsuki by okuridashi, 6.9 seconds
(Aiming to build the foundation for his ozeki quest but losing to an 
ozeki and becoming aware that the journey remains still long)
"I had a good tachiai but I had a bad flow. I pushed him away but I 
stopped and couldn't finish off my move. "
(On his left knee he hurt in the previous day's Wakanoho bout and having 
a taping all around the knee, remains a serious concern despite not 
acknowledging it)
"It's OK. Don't worry about it."
"Today a loss is a loss....but tomorrow I look forward to the yokozuna 
bout (on Day 11). I want to show a good sumo."

Kotomitsuki (8-2) over Ama
"I expected he would try to push me away. Today I didn't feel any 
tenseness at all."
(Preserving the pride of ozeki today but still reflecting on his loss to 
Futeno yesterday)
"To be honest I don't think I have recovered yet from it. For the first 
time in long long time like a year I felt this bad, I couldn't stand it. 
I was thinking of too much of winning the yusho.""
(Remaining as the only viable rikishi with two losses to catch up to Hakuho)
"The yokozuna is still powerful. I lost two already so I believe it 
would be pretty tough. I am getting to sound like everything is all 
over. But you know it's one bout at a time."

Kitanoumi oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
(On Kotomitsuki)
"The question is how he can keep hanging on, keep staying in. That is 
precisely the point of interest now."

Kotooshu (7-3) over Wakanosato by oshidashi, 5.5 seconds
(Smiling all around and back to talkative mood as he stopped his losing 
streak against Wakanosato at five, even asking reporters for the 
"So I stopped it at how many bouts? I can tell you he isn't one of those 
I hate to face against but I really don't know what it is about him."

Kaio (6-4) over Futeno by makiotoshi, 6.3 seconds
(Recording 745th Makuuchi win, one more win away from Taiho's third most 
"I never think about something like that. That's something you may talk 
about after you retire. "
"I feel I am beginning to get really exhausted so that's giving me more 
pain in lower back I know we don't have too many days to go so I just 
need to remain patient and endure a bit more."
(And trying to get kachikoshi by July 24, his 36th birthday.)

Chiyotaikai (7-3) losing to Tochinonada, 2.8 seconds
(Couldn't get out of kadoban...yet)
"I really wanted to make it with one shot. But even though I lost today, 
at least I was moving forward."

Hakuho (10-0) over Kotoshogiku by yorikiri, 16.7 seocnds
(Calmly taking care of Kotoshogiku even when he put himself in 
Kotoshogiku's favorite Gaburi position."
"I had the right uwate so I wasn't as concerned. So far I feel I am 
doing not so badly. I can't say I am not tired at all but I feel not 
badly physically. And you really can't think too deeply about each day's 
(Was told there is even a possibility of deciding the yusho on Day 12)
"Hey, don't put that much pressure on me, OK."
(On the Ama bout"
"I lost to him last basho so I need to go hard and stay focused."

Kitanoumi oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
(On Hakuho)
"Right now I can't see him dropping a bout..."

Yamamotoyama (Makushita West Lead) 4-1 over Tamaasuka by oshidashi on Day 9
(Ensuring his promotion to Juryo on Aki Basho and possibly becoming the 
heaviest Japanese sekitori if his weight goes over 240kg, which 
currently stands at 232 kg)
"I was really nervous today. From now on I just want to stay physically 
injury-free and win two more."
(Yamamotoyama recorded 233 kg at the new recruit physical in December, 
2006. At the 2007 February check-up, he recorded his most ever at 237.7 
kg. Currently the heaviest weight record is held by former ozeki 
Konishiki at 285 kg and the Japanese sekitori record is held by former 
Juryo Susanoumi at 240 kg.)
(Known to eat 1.5 kg of rice every day he has been cutting down on his 
intake lately)
"Actually on Day 1, I ate so much in the morning that I lost the bout 
because my stomach was too full..."
(So far all his four wins resulted from skipping a chanko in the morning)
"All this wins and how close I am to Juryo, it really gets me in heart 
and I am filled with emotion but I feel my stomach empty and I am so 
hungry. I want to eat that well know Nagoya snack (made with rice and 
sugar) Uiro but so far I am trying to keep my resolve not to eat it."
(The next physical checkup is scheduled on August 22. The bet is already 
on to see if he can make the magic plateau of 240 kg.)

Real name Ryuichi Yamamoto
Born on: May 8 1984
Born in: Omiya City (currently Saitama City) Saitama Prefecture
Sumo history: Started sumo when he was in Grade 4 and went to Nihon 
University from Saitama Sakae High School. During his amateur days he 
earned five major national titles. Joined Onoe Beya in December 2006. 
Dohyo debut: 2007 Hatsu Basho. Makushita Yusho: 2008 Hatsu Basho
Weight: 4,200 grams at birth. 100 kg in Grade 4 and 195 kg at Grade 9. 
Passed 200 kg mark during his second year at Nihon Univeristy.
Eating Prowess: 73 plates of sushi at a Kaiten Sushi restaurant. 2 kg of 
steak. Ramen noodle bowls for 10 people. 1600 grams of curry.

Onoe oyakata (former Komusubi Hamanoshima), Yamamotoyama's shisho
"Since he joined us at the heya, our chanko bills have gone way way up..."

Yusho Race Board
0 loss - Hakuho
2 losses - Kotomitsuki

1 loss - Kitataiki

Tosanoumi - 1118th Makuuchi appearance (tied for ninth with Takanonami)
Wakanosato - 1100th Career appearance
Toyohibiki, Yoshikaze - 100th Makuuchi consecutive appearance


Kenshiro Matsunami, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education and Science
(On hearing the Kyokai directors rejecting his call of installing an 
external director but instead opted for an auditor without having any 
voting privileges.)
"I have not received any official report from the Sumo Kyokai yet so I 
am making this comment based on what I heard from news reports but 
unless they set up an external member with full voting rights, the 
public would never accept it. I regard this as a clear challenge to 
Ministry of Education and Science. I can tell you right now we are fully 
prepared to accept their challenge."

"Japan Soccer Association has recently adopted the resolution to 
introduce external directors within their board. The Kyokai should be 
fully aware they have a good precedence around them too. I have to state 
they are not taking this matter seriously at all."

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