[sumo] SekiToto log in problem

Jeanne Hedge jhedge at rcn.com
Mon Jul 21 20:36:20 EDT 2008

"Bob Reimer" <kofuji at sumogames.com> wrote:

>I'm not quite sure why you would find those times work better ... there
>isn't anything I can think of going on with the server that should cause
>that.  The server is in Oregon.  I'm also at a bit of a loss on why ISP has
>been misbehaving since the rebuild since I'm not getting any problems
>showing up in the event log.  It's about the simplest game on the server.

I've noticed a time-sensitivity, if you will, for sumogames for the last few basho. For some reason, if I try to go in on a weekday before noon I have a lot more trouble than if I wait until afternoon. It isn't always that way, but it happens frequently enough that I noticed.

I always thought the traffic was just heavier during that time (morning for me) because the folks from North/South/Central America were getting online to see what happened overnight and make entries before work (or first thing after they got there), at the same time the Europeans/Africans/West Asians were doing the same before they left work or after they got home. 

>I'm having better luck than I expected with internet and remote server
>access this trip than I expected so I was able to restart IIS after it was
>messed up the other day.  I am debating putting in an automated restart of
>IIS as that seems to resolve most issues with the server.

Except for that one really bad day a couple days ago (the IIS thing), I think the server has been behaving quite well this basho! Especially considering some of the problems that have happened in the past.  :)


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