[sumo] SekiToto log in problem

Bob Reimer kofuji at sumogames.com
Mon Jul 21 20:12:27 EDT 2008

I'm not quite sure why you would find those times work better ... there
isn't anything I can think of going on with the server that should cause
that.  The server is in Oregon.  I'm also at a bit of a loss on why ISP has
been misbehaving since the rebuild since I'm not getting any problems
showing up in the event log.  It's about the simplest game on the server.

I've extended the session time out to 60 minutes.  If a session times out,
most browsers should allow you to go back twice to get to the one you've
been working on and resubmit it after logging back in.  Jeanne is correct
... in ST if you save, it submits your picks without generating a

I'm having better luck than I expected with internet and remote server
access this trip than I expected so I was able to restart IIS after it was
messed up the other day.  I am debating putting in an automated restart of
IIS as that seems to resolve most issues with the server.

Warm regards,

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 2:40 PM, Jeanne Hedge <jhedge at rcn.com> wrote:

> "Harold E. Shaver" <hal6671 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> >Ben,
> >
> >My experience with the sumogames.com server in general and the
> >Sekitori-Toto in particular is that the time of day strongly
> >influences your ability to access the entry & results pages.
> >
> >I live in California in the +8 time zone.  I find that the
> >best time to access Sekitori-Toto & Internet Sumo Pool is either
> >around 6-8 am (1400-1600 GMT) or mid-afternoon around 2-4 PM
> >(2200-2400 GMT).
> I have noticed this as well, here in the US Eastern Time Zone. I couldn't
> get in at all this morning. But about 1pm I got right in for SekiToto (ISP,
> OTOH, is throwing up those ASP error messages again...)
> >Also I sometimes have a problem, especially if I take too long to
> >make my picks, that when I click submit it will pop up the login
> >screen instead of confirming the picks.  I have found that if I
> >click save my picks instead of submit it will usually save them
> >to the system and return you to the top of the screen then when
> >you scroll down and press submit you get the confirmation screen.
> Also, when you click SAVE you're actually submitting picks. You just don't
> get a confirmation email for it.
> Jeanne
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