[sumo] [spoiler] Rikishi Talk Basho 4 Day 09

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Rikishi Talk Nagoya Day 09 (Jonosuke)

Kotokasuga (Juryo East 2, 3-5-1 ) over Hoshikari by yorikiri
(Coming back after suffering injuries on Day 6 by fracturing bones in 
his chest and lower back diagnosed to require six weeks of treatment and 
winning his third)
(Pleaded to his shisho Sadogatake oyakata to let him back in as he has 
his wedding planned after the basho.)
"I really did not want to get married after falling down to Makushita".
(Currently receiving a variety of treatments including acupuncture)
"Actually I am surprised at myself I can move this well. I am not sure 
but maybe because I am feeling a responsibility."

Chiyohakuho (5-4) over Tochiozan by hikiotoshi, 2.9 seconds
(Now with more wins than losses in his Makuuchi debut basho)
"It's enough that I could just compete in Makuuchi. If I keep going with 
firm tachiai then I figure I can do something from there."

Wakanoho (1-8) over Ama by abisetaoshi, 3.0 seconds
(Finally getting his first win this basho by beating Ama)
"As I was winless up to now, I hated to coming in here every day."
(Remembering losing to Ama by a spectacular utchari last basho and 
resorted to the wild henka move he professed himself previously that if 
he did it again, he'd would retire but already forgetting his own 
"You won't believe how happy I am now."

Ama (7-2) losing to Wakanoho
(Didn't get fooled by Wakanoho's often criticized (though not showing 
recently) bizarre henka move, but when he started to move into Wakanoho, 
both legs lined up and lost his own balance)
"I don't know why I lost it..may be the lord is telling me it's not the 
time yet."
(On Wakanoho)
"Well wait till the next jungyo. I will make him regret this."
(It's a well known secret that many oyakata have been unhappy with 
Wakanoho's tachiai moves and unless he will start observing the 
protocol, this could lead to cautions or warnings from Judging group).

Aminishiki (4-5) over Miyabiyama by oshidashi, 2.6 seconds
(After his bout, glancing over to a monitor to Tochiazuma oyakata who 
was doing the commentary on TV)
"Oh...I just wanted him to say I had a nice sumo today..."

Chiyotaikai (7-2) over Kaio by hakakikomi, 6.0 seconds
(Never letting the other ozeki start and executed his own special 
Hatakikomi and leaving himself to one victory away from escaping kadoban)
"At the moment I want to come up with the good result tomorrow."
(With one loss rikishi disappearing, his name is now bandied around in 
the yusho race.)
"I am finally showing good sumo now. Rather than thinking about some far 
fetched idea, I need to focus fully on the task at hand."

Kotomitsuki (7-2) losing to Futeno by hatakikomi, 5.2 seconds
(Perhaps rushing too much at the end?)
(Taking a step back from the yusho race despite receiving rousing cheers 
from the local fans again. Now following the example of his heya's ozeki 
mate, offering no responses to reporters)

Futeno (2-7) over Kotomitsuki
(Beating Kotomitsuki)
"The ozeki has been doing so well so when I can win against him, it 
should make my sumo only better. What's important is what I do from now on."

Hakuho (9-0) over Wakanosato by uwatenage, 3.3 seconds
(Showing no difficulty in managing Wakanosato by executing a powerful 
"I had a good flow in my sumo today."
(On both rikishi with one loss losing today)
"I was a surprised. But I just have to keep going without losing focus, 
fully concentrating on my sumo."

Yusho Raceboard
No loss - Hakuho
Two losses - Kotomitsuki, Chiyotaikai, Ama
1 loss - Kitataiki, Mokonami

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