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Rikishi Talk Nagoya Day 07 (Jonosuke)

  Tosanoumi (5-2) over Masatsukasa by uwatenage, 11.4 seconds
(Managing to win the second bout after the Makuuchi dohyo-iri parade)
"It's really tough for an old man like me to come back in here quickly 
as there is no time. Summer is a tough season for an old man to being with."

Kimurayama (5-2) losing to Iwakiyama by yoritaoshi, 11.3 seconds
(Hard fought bout against Iwakiyama and losing)
"My left foot hurts a lot. But the Harite had no lasting effect."
(Suffering his second loss this basho in front of his parents who 
arrived from Wakayama Prefecture today)
"You know they were here for my both losses. I believe I don't get 
overly conscious of them being here but...they will be coming back here 
again tomorrow too."

Tamakasuga (0-7) losing to Dejima by yorikiri, 9.6 seconds
(Trying to search for the proverbial light at the end of long tunnel 
after losing his seventh straight)
"You never know after all you could possibly win eight straight after 
losing seven straight. The sumo today will lead into the tomorrow's. 
That's how I look at it. I never give up at all for the whole 15 days."

Kisenosato (2-5) losing to Futeno by yorikiri, 15.1 seconds
(Not showing his usual self at all and now even losing to winless Futeno)
"It's the worst. Terrible. I couldn't have done anything today. What can 
I say when I display a sumo like that? Nothing ever good comes out of it."

Naruto oyakata, Kisenosato's shisho
(On Kisenosato and his recent habit of keep probing for right uwate)
"Trying to take an easy way out by getting an uwate is not something he 
should be doing at all. He will need to practice it far more during 
training sessions. He just can't get up on the dohyo and try it out for 
real during the basho. That's crazy."

Toyonoshima (4-3) over Kotoshogiku by hikiotoshi, 4.5 seconds
(Stopping his losing streak at three by finding a way to win at the end)
"I was able to get little bit of the right and that turned out to be my 
(On facing Hakuho and a prospect of downing both yokozuna this bahso)
"Well I finally got more wins than losses this basho so from a 
psychological point of view it will be easier to go against him."

Kaio (4-3) losing to Ama by oshidashi, 2.6 seconds
(Suffering his third loss after getting pushed out by Ama)
"I couldn't catch up to him physically. My upper body rose up too high."

Ama (6-1) over Kaio
(Preserving his one loss record by defeating Ozeki Kaio)
"I tried to squeeze in my right side so he would not have been able to 
put his left in."
(On being his fourth consecutive basho as a sekiwake but not being as 
successful in winning over 10 bouts consistently)
"I was in a pretty good condition the last basho too but I ended up 
making so many mistakes. So this basho I want to keep myself from not 
making the same mistakes again and work hard to stay focused. This basho 
I am trying to get myself fully focused on the bout at hand. In the past 
I frequently used to take it easy against opponents I thought I'd have 
less trouble."
(On the yusho race)
"I don't think about it much. I am trying to meet the expectations of 
the fans who are supporting and cheering for me. All I want to do is to 
win as many as I could for them."
(On facing one of his rivals Kisenosato on Day 8)
"I am really looking forward to facing him. I definitely don't want to 

Asasekiryu (3-4) over Kotooshu by uwatedashinage, 0.5 seconds
(Beating an ozeki by henka)
"I figured I had to do something as the yokozuna is no longer around 
this basho. I just thought of it right then. More or less it ended up 
that way."

Kotooshu (4-3) losing to Asasekiryu
(Fooled by Asasekiryu's unexpected henka and could not adjust quickly 
"More than the opponent's henka move, it was about my feet sliding. The 
dohyo is really slippery."
(Looking down and no response to any other questions from reporters)

Kitanoumi oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
(On Kotooshu's chance of yokozuna promotion after the basho)
"Well you really can't blame anyone for saying it's back to the square 
one. Basically you might say he completely wasted all his efforts to win 
the yusho the last basho. Even if he beats Hakuho now, I really cannot 
see there is anything left in this basho for him to lead into the next 

Kotomitsuki (6-1) over Hokutoriki by okuridashi, 5.5 seconds
(Stayed calm even though late coming out of tachiai)
"I did not want to back down being afraid as that would only get myself 
in his pace."
(Getting involved in the yusho race at the local basho as his natural 
enemy Asashoryu is no longer in the basho)
"Please don't put such a pressure on me. It's too early. I want to keep 
going on free and easy. When you start thinking too much about the need 
to win, your body gets tighter and you stop moving."

Chiyotaikai (5-2) over Wakanoho by oshidashi, 2.4 seconds
(Beating winless Wakanoho)
"It really makes you nervous going against a guy with nothing but all 
losses. I am going on the dohyo every single day as psyched up as ever."

Wakanoho (0-7) losing to Chiyotaikai
(Finally finishing off all his rounds of yokozuna and ozeki bunch)
"I feel a lot of regret. I intended to beat around two ozeki for sure 
this basho."

Hakuho (7-0) over Tochinonada by yorikiri, 3.5 seconds
(No trouble with Tochinonada who beat Asashoryu by winning his seventh 
straight this basho.)
"Basically I tried to hit hard and let everything take care of itself 
from that point on. Then I found myself grabbing the right mawashi."
(At the last year's Nagoya, after winning nine straight, he lost the 
steam in the final days)
"At the time I was only going with momentum. This year I feel different. 
Within myself, my sumo has become more stable. Perhaps the reason is I 
have been training more and harder and I am feeling good physically."
(Now with Asashoryu's kyujo, changing his dressing room to the East side)
"It's been a while you know. Even from the way you do your dohyo-iri, 
everything is so different."


Juryo East 5 Kotokasuga, 30, of Sadogatake Beya went on kyujo on Day 7. 
He suffered fractured bones in his chest and lower back in the previous 
day bout against Wakakirin.

Toyozakura got a Fusen win.

Yoshihiko Kobayashi, Chief Promoter of the Mongolian Jungyo
(Visiting the basho at the venue to discuss the situation with Kitanoumi 
oyakata and others with the Jungyo group)
"Department of Foreign Affairs has stated there was no problem. 
Currently there is no talk of whether it should be postponed or cancelled."
"I will be reporting to the directors that the preparations have been 
going well and smoothly. There is a letter from the mayor of Ulaanbaator 
pledging that the city will be providing additional security to the 
event. I see no problem whatsoever about holding the jungyo."


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