[sumo] [spoiler] Rikishi Talk Basho 4 Day 05

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Rikishi Talk Nagoya Day 05 (Jonosuke)

(Suffering his first loss this basho)
"I wasn't being aggressive at all. I sort of floated out of tachiai."

(Winning his fourth after downing Kakuryu for the first time in three tries)
"It was like I could have beaten him but couldn't have but then at the 
end finally have beaten him. So now I can safely say it's a wrap, that I 
finally solved this puzzle."
"By Day 8 I want to be with 5 or 6 wins. If I can manage it by then I 
will get you a kachikoshi even if I have to hop or fly around the rest 
of the way."

(After winning three straight, losing two straight)
"I need to work on attacking from right. But then I am still one ahead 
on win column so I try to keep going out with everything I have"

(Setting aside Kaio and getting his sight set on Ama on Day 6)
"I am really happy. Now I can really feel good about the tomorrow. That 
one will be the one I want to go out as if my life is at stake."

(Avoided losing streak by taking care of Aminishiki)
"I felt I wasn't all together and focused but there is no point in 
having a good sumo if you end up losing badly."

(Beating Chiyotaikai with Oshi zumo)
"I don't really remember much about the bout."
(On facing his rival Kotoshogiku tomorrow)
"Whenever I face him, I don't need to have any motivation or 
encouragement as I am always ready to go against him with all I have. I 
am so looking forward to the bout tomorrow."

(Getting his first kinboshi in four years since he downed Asashoryu at 
the 2004 Aki Basho)
"I have been waiting for this one for so long. It's been so long that I 
can't remember when I got it last time."
(Close enough decision requiring a mono-ii but was confident he won)
"Oh yeah. I was pretty sure I beat him. At the worst I thought it would 
be a rematch but if there was a rematch, I would have been far less 
confident of the outcome though."

(Coming back to the dressing room after a long bath)
"I thought I was in a good form. Personally I felt I stayed in but my 
body wasn't in there you know. I have not been moving at all."
"What counts is in the end is your wins and losses so I do feel a regret 

Kitanoumi oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
(On Asashoryu)
"In the last few basho he hasn't been displaying a form he used to keep 
aggressively attacking his opponents."
"He no longer appears to be capable of going inside. He has been a 
yokozuna for five years now so I may suspect it could be a matter of 
keeping a high degree of intensity now. But I believe a loss like this 
can really hit you hard."

Takanohana oyakata, Dohyo judge
(On Tochinonada)
"I thought he showed us a well executed sumo that only could come from a 
veteran rikishi."
(On Asashoryu)
"I didn't see any good aspect out of his sumo today."

"I was really surprised by his (Asashoryu) loss today. As for myself I 
think I am going with my pace having a good flow so far."


Hakuho - 500th Career appearance
Homasho - 300 Career and consecutive appearances
200 Makuuchi and Makuuchi consecutive appearances
Tochinonada - 12th Kinboshi, the second most in sumo history, tying 
Takamiyama. The most among active rikishi.


Former Komusubi Kyokushuzan, 35, arrived in the Aichi Prefectural 
Gymansium today and met with Kitanoumo oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai 
with his former shisho Oshima oyakata.

"I told them security is still a major concern. I feel if they are to 
hold it the next year, there should be more calm and it should pose no 
(On Asashoryu's loss)
"It was a major upheaval wasn't it. I felt he appeared as if he has not 
put in enough training."


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