[sumo] [spoiler] Rikishi Talk Basho 4 Day 03

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Rikishi Talk Nagoya Day 03 (Jonosuke)

(Contrasting to the last basho when he lost eight straight to start, 
winning his third straight)
"The last basho was a good experience for me. This basho I am trying not 
to getting too scared going out and hitting hard."

(Beating three year older 36 year old Tamakasuga and winning his third 
"Well I've done it. I always feel I want to come out on top as the 
winner in these old man to old man encounters."

(Beating Chiyotaikai by emulating the ozeki's oshi-zumo stye)
"I am so happy. Somehow I want to keep going like this from now on."

"I wanted to go lower but today I went out too high. I need to keep 
myself lower when I go out of tachiai."
(Still outweighed by all Makuuchi rikishi at 123 kg)
"I need to augment my lack of weight by making sure I won't mess up my 
tachiai and do my best each and every single bout."

(Another spledid win against an ozeki)
"I knew fully well that unless I got inside I had no chance."
"I wanted to go in from the left. I think I had a good timing when I 
executed the throw. The fact that I am moving well is leading to more 
wins this basho."
(On his M letter taping on his back)
"Well I hurt my lower back prior to the basho. The taping is actually a 
letter X but since I have the mawashi over, it looks like a letter M. I 
was thinking of altering it but since I won on Day 1 I decided to keep 
it as it is."

Takanohana oyakata, Dohyo judge
"Essentially he is a thoroughly technically superb rikishi. You won't 
come across too many small rikishi who can be as successful as he is."

(As usual no comment after his defeat)

Kitanoumi oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
(On Kotooshu's yokozuna promotion possibility)
"It's natural that he will be looked on more harshy when he has two 
losses in three days."
"What's important now is what he will do for the rest of this basho. 
After all he won the yusho last basho, he needs to think about how he 
can make it work for him from now on."

Mihogaseki oyakata, Associate Judging Director
"For someone with such potentials to go up higher, he shouldn't be 
developing rikishi he rather not face or hate to go against."

Sadogatake oyakata, Kotooshu's shisho
(On Kotooshu)
"We can't do anything about it now. I am thinking to teach him on 
various aspects of sumo once more from the start. He just needs to look 
at this as an experience he can learn from so he can lead this into the 
next plateau."

(On Kotooshu)
"Prior to the bout I told him to go get the mawashi regardless of 
whether the opponent gets his mawashi or not. Just don't be afraid. He 
should be ashamed of himself as a higher ranked rikishi when he ends up 
losing four straight to the same rikishi by the same move. It's really a 

"This is one loss I will need to get Kachikoshi eventually. I feel I am 
getting more agitated after losing though. But then again if I don't I 
might as well pack up my bag and leave."

(Receiving loud and vociferous cheers from local fans)
"I have become used to all that clapping now but for some reason it did 
make me more uptight today."
"Well today I started out from the first shikiri so I felt it was too 
quick and kind of got a bit tense."
(About the fans support)
"I guess they must be helping me when you think about it now."

(Showing up with taping all around his middle after injuring his side on 
Day 2 and winning)
"It was painful quite a bit yesterday and I was icing the area up to 
noon today."
"Even now when I cough, it does hurt pretty bad but I am still moving so.."

"I was able to throw him well because I set up myself well. I am trying 
to throw more this basho."
"My left ankle hardly bothers me any more. Now I can go by either to 
left or right mawashi."

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