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Harold E. Shaver hal6671 at sbcglobal.net
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My experience with the sumogames.com server in general and the
Sekitori-Toto in particular is that the time of day strongly
influences your ability to access the entry & results pages.

I live in California in the +8 time zone.  I find that the
best time to access Sekitori-Toto & Internet Sumo Pool is either
around 6-8 am (1400-1600 GMT) or mid-afternoon around 2-4 PM
(2200-2400 GMT).

Also I sometimes have a problem, especially if I take too long to
make my picks, that when I click submit it will pop up the login
screen instead of confirming the picks.  I have found that if I
click save my picks instead of submit it will usually save them
to the system and return you to the top of the screen then when
you scroll down and press submit you get the confirmation screen.

Hope this helps,

Hal "Chisaiyama" Shaver
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Hi Jeanne,

Thanks for the heads-up. I've actually sent my picks in via the e-mail
process you describe below a couple of times in the recent past.
Unfortunately, I was under time pressure that didn't allow me to do that
this time around. Kobayashi advance posts the upcoming bouts, and I would be
inclined to use his posts as the basis for my e-mail entries, but thanks for
the recommended website info. 

I think the main thing is to get my entries in more timely, or at least give
myself enough of a margin to go the e-mail route in future, should problems
persist. Glad to say that my pal and I had no problems getting in today, and
hope things will continue to work as smoothly till the end of the basho.

A little off-topic, I also wanted to thank you for your efforts regarding
info about withdrawals and returns; it's good stuff to know when making
one's picks, and a great reason to check SML postings before making the
daily game entry.

Best regards,

Ben Howell 

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> >Hi Colleen,
> >
> >I'm not having any success, either. I can get to the home page (for
> >Sekitori-Toto), but can't get past it to check results or do my entry,
> >so I guess I'm kyujo for Day 8...
> >
> >Ben (AKA Benihaha)
>For future reference (which comes into play at least once every 
>basho, it seems) -
>The homepage for SekiToto is apparently not on the sumogames server, 
>because you can usually get to it when sumogames is down.  There's 
>info about how and where to email your daily picks on that page.
>In summary, you email your daily pick to  sekitoto (at) gmx (dot) net 
>(make the appropriate changes in that address).  Put your shikona and 
>the day in the subject line.  The Juryo and Makuuchi schedules for 
>the day can be found any number of places. I like the NSK's 
>English-language site for this: http://sumo.goo.ne.jp/eng/index.html
>Jeanne Hedge
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