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Sun Jul 20 19:31:48 EDT 2008

Monday morning, 11 minutes left on the computer.

One feature of this very good day was a number of middle-aged men shepherding into the good seats two or three very tarty young women, 
obviously very pleased to be there: probably their manager rather than a sugar daddy (to use a very old business expression).

Trying to avoid the main news that you can get anywhere there are newspaper/TV reports:

You know those white lines painted in the middle of the ring? They are the shikiri-sen; a man can start any distance back from his, but he cannot 
put even a fingernail over; yesterday, for the first time that I recall, an alert gyoji noticed and beckoned the west side man to get his hands a little further back.
The offender was Makushita Asanotosa; the gyoji was Kimura Shoji.

Another example of the importance of trimming your nails came in the very next bout, when Tochinoyama won when his opponent's thumb was judged to have gone out first!

Only three new entrants presented in the shinjo shusse hiro, including another Mongolian, 
and finbally a new one for Takanohana-beya. 

No time to check where, but tremendous amount of blood from a gash above the eye, more went over chest and shoulders of opponent; young yobidashi came in when both had withdrawn with handful of salt and sprinkled it on every drop of fallen blood, in hanamich

>Hapy to have been of service. This morning's mail was really hairy,
>As I pushed the Send button and then noticed my reply was just to one person not the list. 
>I went back, copying the message, tried to get the list address on, but got a red warning. 
>Finally, with 20 seconds of my coin-in-the-slot half-hour remaining, I wrote in the address, 
>pushed the Send button once more -- and the screen went blank -- so I had no idea if it had gone or not.
>Anyway,  a few notes about today (I see I have only 4 minutes left so this is going to be brief, too)
>Things were running very late, with some long bouts and five monoii, the most frustrating 0-- but necessary -- one being 
>for Nakanishi and Tamarikido in upper makushita. They were already past the time for the Juryo dohyo-iri but it was a 
>very close cakll, it was important to both men, and a torinaoshi was called -- the most time-consuming of the three alternatives.
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